Las Vegas Attack


Sometimes it takes a dox to get to the truth. For the uninitiated, a dox is an attack (not unlike gangstalking actually), in this case aimed at a corrupt government agency that is hiding the truth about the Las Vegas shooting. And that last fact is painfully obvious to anyone with an honest pulse.


Apparently after another two eyewitnesses were murdered by a remote-controlled explosive in early Nov 2017, someone doxxed the Vegas FBI and made away with a treasure trove of documents, a link to which will be supplied below.


Among the documents, alleged photos showing Stephen Paddock alive and well, videos of Helicopters attacking the concert live as it happened and other info damaging to the FBI and the CIA, as well as a local Helicopter company with deep ties to deep state.


We also show quotes purportedly from an anon close to the Trump administration that claims the attack was somehow averted, that thousands were intended to be slain, that multiple parties involved "were the same parties responsible for Sept 11th and more.


THIS, (if confirmed to be true) is EXPLOSIVE.




But first, a bit of info not yet reported on new Agent-in-charge Aaron Rouse.


In April 2007, Mr. Rouse was selected as the senior liaison to the newly established Community HUMINT Coordination Center at CIA Headquarters. In this position he de-conflicted HUMINT enabled operations worldwide for not only the FBI, but for all federal agencies regarding Counterintelligence, Counterterrorism and Criminal matters.”


As you will soon see, the CIA was an intimate co-conspirator in this mass murder, along with the FBI, in the Vegas shootings of Oct. 2017. Agent Rouse with intimately familiar with the CIA and was senior liaison to coordinating FBI/CIA ops going back to 2007.


A huge shout out to Shepard Ambellas at, without whose excellent work we may still not know the truth today. Amazingly, Shepard is still among the living. Among the items we learned from Shepard:


  • Multiple videos are live on youtube showing up to six helicopters firing on the concert crowd as the shooting was taking place.

  • Additional shooters on the rooftop of the next door casino.

  • 30 FBI agents checked into Mandalay Bay 1-2 days prior to the shooting.

  • The window in Stephen Paddock’s room was not broken when agents broke through the locked door.

  • The Vegas company whose helicopters were used is named Maverick Aviation, LLC and based at the Vegas airport. The company is originally from Enterprise, AL and they have a long history of working with the CIA including acquisition of Russian aircraft for clandestine use in project “Jawbreaker.”

  • The actual choppers used for the hit job were Mustang Leasing LLC’s property “Airbus EC-130s.

  • Three of those choppers dropped their transponder comms just as the shooting began, and according to Vegas Airport radar (publicly sourced) they proceeded to hover in the vicinity of the Mandalay Bay hotel during the time of the shooting.

  • Mustang leasing uses the exact same address in Enterprise, AL as does Maverick Aviation: 112 Red Wing Dr Enterprise AL 363310-1142.

  • The owners seem to be Gregg Rochna and Curtis Childree. These choppers are “quiet helicopters” which operate out of the Vegas Airport on a strip owned by Maverick Air. Their public facade is providing charters to tourists.

  • The Chopper seat seven and feature wrap around windows for maximum viewing.

  • Maverick installs $500,000 in upgrades in each chopper before taking its first flight.


Additional facts uncovered by Jim Stone on his web site: 



  • Jim has the name, address and other vital details of all Vegas FBI agents 

  • A link to an anonymous Mega download account listed below.


The anonymous Mega Account contains:!U7YhyRCI!Vpt7PIO9nSbXjpuge2vd5g 


! A photo of a CIA C-130 Transport, landing @ Nellis AFB, Nevada, minus a "large quantity of military grade weaponry, explosives and 5.56 mm diameter bullets (like those used in the Vegas shooting) - stolen, after Mossad agents had noticed Russian Oligarchs co-mingling with CIA @ a new US AFB in the Negev desert in Israel.


! The above flight arrived Sept 29th in Nevada, just prior to the October attack at Mandalay Bay.


! A Mega-download anon account statement from someone in the Trump administration that claims Trump said, "we saved thousands of lives in Las Vegas. The same people who did 9/11 planned this event too." = paraphrasing. They lost, but they are trying to control (not what Trump does), but rather, what he tells the AMERICAN PEOPLE. By involving Russian Oligarchs and by attacking a casino, it was sending a direct mesaage to Trump.


! Photos of Stephen Paddock showing him alive and well in Vegas after the shooting.



! Other compelling info also exists here available for viewing.



! They were supposed to kill thousands in Vegas and they failed. has this about Paddocks guns:


No one has seen that on the video we were provided by MGM,” a FBI source said. “Vegas (PD) has looked at the same video. Paddock is on surveillance video but the guns are not. He’s not carrying bags or cases with rifles.”

How did more than 12 assault rifles get into Paddock’s hotel suite then?

FBI sources noted that there could in fact be video proof of Paddock transporting a dozen guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition to his 32nd-floor hotel suite in Mandalay Bay but MGM Resorts International, who owns the hotel, could be hiding the video.

They (MGM) control the surveillance video,” one FBI source said. “I have never seen that in any other case. We (the FBI) control the physical evidence.”

Paddock supposedly stayed as a guest at Mandalay Bay for several days prior to his alleged role in the rampage which gunned down over 500 people, including 58 who were killed. Yet, FBI sources show no video of him transporting guns to the 32nd floor?

Another mystery in what has become a bizarre national cover-up on many levels of the massacre.

Previously, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo has not told the truth about the gunshots fired by his SWAT unit after breaching the hotel door of accused shooter Paddock, according to a high-ranking insider from the Clark County District Attorney’s Office.

Lombardo for weeks, along with FBI officials, claimed no shots were fired and Paddock killed himself. Then Lombardo admitted a gun was fired by Las Vegas Metro after entering Paddock’s room, essentially backing True Pundit’s original story that detailed shot(s) were indeed fired by SWAT.

While backtracking, Lombardo called the gunshot an “accident,” however.

He’s a liar,” the DA source said of Lombardo. “This is one of the premier SWAT units in the United States. Other police departments pay to train with them here (in Las Vegas). They do not accidentally fire weapons. That is pure fiction.”


Particularly noteworthy, when investigating what is rampant corruption at the FBI, is their history of doing similar ops in the past. For instance:

In the 1960s, FBI SWAT Agents broke into Fred Hampton’s Chicago apartment, ransacked it and assassinated Mr Hampton and others. Info gleaned from a dox of Chicago FBI’s COINTELPRO “Hampton was a member of the reknowned Black Panthers.” It also documented the incident and proved the assassination.

Prior to the dox and after the assassination, the FBI had denied all involvement and obstructed the investigation into the event. Same MO as Vegas. That story here:


Our prior article written on the Vegas Attack revealed these additional findings:

  • Stephen Paddock was a set up patsy, a gun runner and child trafficking runner, for the CIA, whose plane was sold to the US Goverment, owned by them for three years, prior to being resold with brand new ID “N” numbers, to a doctor.

  • Stephen had previously stated that the CIA could mind control him and “turn him on and off.”

  • Soros Fund Management LLC placed a short on $42+ million on MGM Resorts stock, just prior to the Vegas shooting. One wonders what the profit was on that tidy transaction?

  • Soros Shorts video:
  • James Murren, CEO of MGM Resorts, also dumped about 80% of his company stock just prior to the shooting as well.


  • Mr Murren also called for a stock repurchase plan totaling $1 billion at about the same time…


  • And Mr Murren is connected internationally as well. His partner in the construction of the $9 billion Las Vegas City Center was a Saudi Prince living in Dubai.

  • There is also a large investment from the Saudis in Mandalay Bay as well.

  • The City Center has many attributes, among which, is a tram that just happens to connect the various Vegas properties of MGM, virtually assuring them of competitive advantage if tough times come and have a negative affect on the stock price.

  • Harry Reid, formerly a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, flipped his position after the Vegas Shooting.

  • Interestingly, Alexander Soros (shown), one of billionaire George Soros’ five children, opened his father’s checkbook and gave more than $4.5 million to various Democratic campaign and political action committees last year.

  • Between August and November the Soros scion wrote four checks to Senator Harry Reid’s Senate Majority PAC totaling $3.5 million (his largest single investment for a retiring Senator).

  • Although it’s George’s money, Alexander is making the decisions on a major part of his father’s estimated $25 billion. And it appears to be part of a plan to move Alexander into the driver’s seat when his father, age 86, passes from the scene.

  • As of today, Harry Reid sits in a plush DC Office, courtesy of MGM Resorts, for whom he is a lobbyist, their first ever. Also noteworthy is that MGM and Harry Reid are long time butt buddies. They have long been one of Sen Reid's biggest supporters.

  • Lastly, a 4 Chan poster named John, noted that two people would benefit from the Vegas shooting; a billionaire and a well known politician. He also gave advance warning to the event.

This was a CIA/FBI operation. Proven by the above documents. Let those who can investigate it, confirm it. This has been hidden in plain sight for months now. If I can find it, so can you, especially with the supplied bread crumbs.


Soros knew. Mullen knew. Harry Reid knew. DNC likely knew. Hillary likely knew.



What's that smell? Oh, swamp rats.


One last thing, rather than viewing Mr Paddock as a "set up patsy", could it be that Stephen Paddock is a CIA Agent whose death was faked?



When you benefit from a mass killing does that protend advance knowledge of the event? In the case of Murren and Soros it does seem to imply that fact. What they needed from Harry Reid was the 2nd Amendment waffle.