Mass incarcerations without trial or charge; forced confessions; children forcibly separated from their parents with no reasons given; doctored hearing transcripts and falsified court records; evidence fabricated against the innocent; government agents entering the homes, examining private papers and personal effects, and seizing the property of citizens who are under no suspicion of legal wrongdoing; special courts created specifically to convict people who cannot be convicted in ordinary courts; children instructed to hate their parents by state functionaries: Is all this the Soviet Union in the 1930s or Communist China in the 1960s? Is this some novelist’s prognosticated dystopia? No, all this and more is routine in the United States today.”


Far from hyperbole, the picture above written by Stephen Baskerville Ph.D. is sadly true in America and throughout the western world today.


It’s easy to look back and see the events that brought us to this point. What with multiple false flag incidents in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson blamed on the FBI provocateurs, to the repeat performance in 2001, brought to us by Bush & Cheney’s CIA, FBI & Israel’s Mossad. There’ve been so many false flags that you’d likely get physically sick if you knew half of them. But it’s easy to see the legacy behind the lies.


With now fifty plus years of CIA crimes against humanity, together with the FBI being the controlling mafia in America today and the NSA’s AI supercomputers and monitoring system, we citizens didn’t stand a chance.


While most of us were blissfully whistling while we worked, trusting, decent Americans were sold a bill of goods by the biggest crime syndicate the world has ever seen.


Completely thought out in advance, and expertly executed; we now have a gleeful, fun( that's how they sold it to us)  surveillance system of smart phones, email, texts, credit card purchases, auto navigation systems and Facebook, to track us wherever we go, whatever we say, even what we think (AI) - all tied into the Internet built by DOD and their chosen children at gOOgle, facebOOk and others.


And just in case someone figures it out and goes off grid and decides to try and disappear, we’ll soon have thousands of MQ4 & MQ8 drones blanketing our once great country. Not to mention advanced technology weapons that will correct any such, unapproved behavior.


And just think back to “yesterday” (blink of an eye considering the age of the planet) to the 19th Century when travelers didn’t even need to register with the government to travel abroad.


Love of country and freedom was in the spirit of Katherine Lee Bates when she penned, America The Beautiful. Patriotism in the heart of all those patriotic country tunes sung during the Iraq wars. But I wonder, who’ll write these songs in the future for totalitarian America? Likely from a government script written at the other end of a bull whip.


Who will protest when someone takes a knee during the pledge of allegiance? In the not too distant future, those brave protests will elicit applause and endear respect. Even to those who still drink the Red, White & Blue kool-aid, the truth is slowly sinking in; that we have been sold a bill of goods.


Bush & Cheney & Colon Powell lied about weapons of mass destruction to attack a country that had nothing to do with Sept 11th. NOTHING. Regime change was planned in the May 2001 Bush Cheney Energy Policy document which said, ‘we will need access to foreign oil reserves to maintain the security of the United States. And that means sending in troops to secure that access in unfriendly countries.’


All we need is another Pearl Harbor’ Dick Cheney is said to have spoken in an off cuff remark, which starkly visualized just what kind of false flag attack that they had in mind.


September 11th was a false flag operation planned out well in advance as a part of a military operation (there’s a boatload of proof) to secure these oil fields in Iraq; but also the poppy fields in Afghanistan as a gift to the CIA for their international drug distribution cash flow program. They knew that we’d rally around the flag. Flag sales skyrocketed and were hung from homes who’d never flown one before. Most of us backed our country 100%, just like we always did.


And they twisted the knife in our backs as they stabbed us. Sept. 11th was also to bring in draconian control mechanisms for surveilling the entire world; including Americans.


They had to include Americans too. Imagine betraying every nation in the world without having your back covered. They had no choice. They knew that once we figured it all out that those controls would be necessary to reign in the anarchy.


Of course, such control dovetailed nicely with CIA and military mind control programs. Rockefeller must’ve been proud of Bush & Cheney. He actually sold it to Bush & Cheney. The Twin Towers were already slated for demolition. This way brought in a huge multi-billion dollar insurance paycheck.


The banksters are running the country, the CIA, the FBI and NSA. They ARE the shadow government.


We haven't had a sovereign free country since Andrew Jackson. And of course, ignorant sheep are happy sheep. So, Rockefeller, Rothschild and Soros just think our National Anthem is cute and quaint. As do they when they think about the illusion of our bill of rights. We have no rights in bankster America.


So, committing additional false flags to get rid of “relics of the 19th Century1” - like the 2nd amendment, are fair play to multi-billionaires who have no sense of reality, much less respect for the principles of our founders or what the people want. They actually don’t give a shit.


So, here we are today with a paper republic and a false democratic form of government, both of which are powerless to bring about protection to its citizens, protection to our way of life or even honesty to who the hell is in charge.


They’ve been lying to us for that many years. Kennedy tried to tell us. He tried to confront and bring down deep state. And he paid the ultimate price. Rockefeller ordered the hit on JFK, performed through his CIA buddy Allen Dulles and the Cuban mafia, to keep the Vietnam War going and for screwing up the Bay of Pigs.


Trump made a few attempts to reign in deep state but that was mostly to cover his own ass. Clearly, he has since succumbed to the banksters. A deal was cut so he could stay in the White House, meanwhile 2018 will create the first congress ever elected by deep state.


It may also be the year in which the 2nd amendment gets gutted. Not that a standing militia could ever make a difference any more. But the proud among us want at least one shot at the bastards when they come to take away our guns, the only thing standing between the illusion of freedom in our minds, and the tyranny that we’d be forced to confront.


Speaking of false flags, when you quit being cynical, go research school shootings and witness the pattern for yourself; between Homeland Security training exercises and those same school shootings. When you finally wake up to the extent to which you’ve been lied to, and the blood that they’ve spilled, you’ll need to apologize to all of those “conspiracy nuts” who once again were right, and who tried to warn their fellow Americans.

1. Quote by John Paul Stephens