Words of Encouragement

I know that this site dwells on what's wrong with the USA. We do live in dark times, and never before in the USA, has freedom been under such an assault.


So, while I do need to speak the truth to these issues, I also want to talk about the signs of encouragement when I see them.


It's also very shocking, for we TI's, to learn that our government hates and fears us so much, attacks us and perhaps would rather we were dead. Other than free speech, most of us aren't exactly guilty of anything, so it just comes across as shockingly insane. In their projection mode, they try to convince America that it is TI's, who are crazy. Obviously, the old rules of the USA don't apply anymore.


But as long as we have a congress of mind-controlled, big money grubbing elitists who don't even see us, its hard to imagine much changes.


Meanwhile, many of us are just trying to navigate our way towards whatever is left of this life. Some, like me, have lost employment due to the excess harassment and energy attacks. Others are climbing mountains and trying to stay ahead of it.


Through all of that, I see some encouraging signs on the horizon.


"The darkest hour is just before the dawn." It's true and I think we may actually be seeing the sun rise.


Whatever you think about Donald Trump, it is true that he has quietly been taking down elements of the deep state including the pedophlia rings and their financiers.


He's also done some other good things like bringing offshore money back to the states; companies like Apple will be investing their money in new facilities - thereby creating jobs.


Anyone who's read any of my articles knows that I've got reservations about Donald, like his relationships with mob bosses, Goldman Sachs and the Rockefellers.


And his inane tweets are quite irritating, along with his treatment of women.


He's a mix of blessing and toxic and I still haven't made up my mind whether the whole package is good or negative for the country. Time will tell. I do see good signs, though, if we can keep the neo-cons out of global wars.


The FBI is battered after the Russia collusion fight and that's a good thing. They have become  a tumor on America, and I believe, many of our problems come from the FBI and their contractors. I encourage TI's to write letters to the White House about our issues. The more the better.


President Trump also promised to fix the watch lists with innocent people on them who don't belong. I don't believe that this can be done without having a positive affect on the TI issue. Remind the President that he campaigned on this important issue to us.


So, while we may indeed see that the skies look threatening, it's important to also note that occasional rainbow that crosses our path.


No pot of gold expected, I'd just like to walk it as a free man again - and for you too! Let's stay open to that.


I've been walking this path now for sixteen years. 



Through the gangstalking to the electromagnetic and microwave attacks, several permanent positive changes have occured. One I am most proud of I want to talk about here.


No longer am I concerned about what's happening to me. I laugh at the attackers, hold my body up and ask them to attack additional areas of my body, because I know that I am victorious.


In a "vision" one night, through shed tears, I realized how utterly lost and evil these people were, and how little of a future they have as satanists that have to attack others just to make money.


I contrasted that sad reality to my own. Sure, I'm in constant pain and feeling frail from the bombardment that has left scars on my body and my soul. But I know that the universal soul called God loves me and considers me a part of His eternal soul. I know for a fact that if I died tomorrow that my conscious lives on. And that my pain would be at an end. 


So, I have come here today to ask you to consider your own place in that universal soul to try and lift your spirits. It is an amazing victory to embrace when you offer yourself up to your attackers.


Without being mean or viscious towards them, simply acknowledge their fate and express your empathy towards them. Follow that with the offering "of your other cheek." My attacker has not yet attacked me for doing so but seems to acknowledge my victory over him.


Be victorious in your heart and in your battle. Find small victories and celebrate them. Lift yourself up and know that the one true "God" soul that created the ever-expanding universe has a home for you * without pain *  without harassment * simply filled with the love that comes naturally.

Infragard Has Me On The Slow Kill Program 



Phase two is slow kill; if there is a phase three, it is likely quick kill as has happened to various others who've gone public to broadcast dark state "secrets."


They've so much as admitted it all but still don't want to wake the sheep. Thus, the need for their disinformation campaign...easy to implement with the corporate-controlled media.


So I might have gotten my diploma and graduated up to the final stage three decision. I do know that they're pissed at this blog and at me. I can't raise my middle finger any longer (in their direction) so maybe some readers out there can help me out. I'm too busy morphing into the butterfly on the right.


I wasn't an activist until they came after me and showed me who they are, just how corrupt they are and then proceeded to stalk, harrass, intimidate, lie, attempt to ruin my reputation, work to close down my business and more for over sixteen years now.


Repeatedly, they'd attempt to bait me with garbage statements and hassle me in public with their stalkers, only to have a one-sided story to tell. All in attempts to escalate their "program" against me, isolate me in my life and then to kill me. Unbelievable yes, but true.


I'm sure there's more than one "crime" that they falsely reported me for.


Let's see; maybe I flirted with a woman once, maybe I drank a Budweiser rather than a Miller beer, maybe I once yelled a bit too loudly. Where I come from, none of those things make you any less an American. Has it really changed that much?


Oh yeah, I've criticized President Obama, previously Bush & Clinton publicly...I've engaged in free speech...I've dared to be a business owner...I dare to think independently...I've voted for Ron Paul, etc. There you go, now I'm a "high value" target scheduled for elimination.


For for these outrageous crimes against humanity (I'm sure there are more examples like eating pretzels with mustard or walking at night to see the stars; oh and my favorite, working in my garage - THAT drives them bonkers. Oh yeah, they're already there...), together with my steadfast refusal to knuckle under to the American STASIS, I have been marked for termination.


This is no drama nor snarky sarcasm. It is fact. And that is very sad for America living in the years after the false flag of Sept 11th and the myth war on terror.


Don't weep for me. I may never pass this way again but I'll die a free man. And I will continue. Check under your skin. There's much more there than blood, bones and a pulse. There's a vibration coming from inside you and me. What exactly is that and from where does it eminate? I know the answers to these questions. Do you? There is a reason that I don't fear death.


But there is very much reason to be sad for the once great land of America. Freedom, as such, is gone.


Currently (and for the past two years), they have been using against me:


Directed energy weapons (DEW)

SSSS Silent Sound technology...just like they did in Cuba. FACT.

Microwave beam radiation

Synthetic Telepathy and Remote Neural Monitoring

Employment interference resulting in unemployment

Theft of personal property


And for the 14 years prior to that:

and all sorts of sabotage; electronic and gangstalking

sabotage in two businesses

attempted murder on three occasions (traffic accident attempts and sabotage of propane gas gauge on house)

and much more than I could ever rehash here


So, to be very clear. My public statement, and my motivation for creating this blog, is to bring public attention to our illegal STASI at the FBI, along with other alphabet agency abuses. My question America, are you happy with this? If so, I'll gladly take my VERY alive spirit into the next realm leaving this once great, but now horrible, phony "free country" to you.


And America, please don't forget to take a knee during the anthym, especially during "land of the free and the home of the brave." The knee is for recognition and respect of what's gone.


Patrick Henry once asked, "Freedom or Empire." The question is an open one.


The perpetrators of this (and other) crimes against humanity, by either knowledge of and acquiesence to, or direct involvement in planning and executing my torture and death are:


Jacksonville FL FBI

Jacksonville FL Infragard

Florida Dept Of "Law" Enforcement

Nassau County Sheriff's Dept

Fernandina Beach Police Dept

Fernandina Beach Fire & "Rescue"


The state of Florida and Infragard have also played a direct role in doing the same to Karen Melton-Stewart, NSA Whistleblower, as well as, Myron May, Former Attorney & FSU student.


Florida, it sounded so great.


Then it hit me. Jack-booted thugs aplenty.


I wrote a blog. Myron May acted out in the only way he knew how to silence the insanity that they impanted inside of his head. And now you know how they did it.

The Warrior

You cannot step into the shoes of one who is targeted without morphing into a warrior. 


Some of us came from modest backgrounds and lives that did not lead us to wealth, fame or leadership. I include myself in that statement. In fact, as the third of nine kids, it just took me longer than most to find my way and to know who I am.


It took me a lot longer still, to step out of my shadow to realize that I am here to be a warrior. Whether with words on a blog or staring into the belly of the beast without fear, I have become a fierce warrior. I am not afraid of any of them.


So, for whatever purpose I am here, I will run towards it and not lose a step. I am warrior. Beware attackers, for if I find out who you are, your only recourse will be surrender. Your sponsors cannot protect you.


This is not a threat to kill or torture you "so you can see how it feels." No, base revenge may be the dominion of cowards and lost souls like you. Again the victory will be to know who you are, where you live and to just spit in your eye and walk away a winner. For winner I am.