What September 11th Will Always Mean to Me

My head doesn't bow to many men or women walking through this world today, including leaders, priests and others. But, indeed I bow my head to the families who lost cherished loved ones on this now tragic but sacred day for Americans and to all others likewise affected.


My father was born on Sept 11th, in what used to be the a small town along Chesapeake Bay. He became a proud sailor during WWII and was part of the force sent into China as the Japanese exited. He was very proud of his service and to be a freedom-loving American. He loved the land and the people of the USA but long before his passing, he too had grown weary of the political cowards in DC.


I have a B&W troop photo of the men that he served with, posing on the deck of his ship, (Navy & Marines) restored, proudly hanging on my wall for all to see. 


He passed from us in the summer of 2000. He did not live to see what would become of his birthday the following year but he would be deeply shameful of the domestic terrorist leaders and actors guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity within the US, Israeli and Saudi governments, culpable (less mea culpas) for the satanic event of Sept. 11th.


Jack, (dad) would also agree that our leaders and alphabet agencies were responsible for the event as well.


I'm thankful for the Grace of God that he now rests without witnessing this horror but very mindful of all of those 911 families and first responders as well.


And I am thankfull to the 911 Architects & Engineers and all other parties whose research has brought us to the overwhelming truth of Sept 11th's planning and cause. 


One can sum it up in a few words: follow the money; Rockefeller; Tower 7; mini-nukes; Cheney/Norad.


Congress is either clueless, intentionally silent due to complicity or blackmailed to such an extent that, on this issue too, they are powerless.


May God help us.