Conned and Trumped


After the blistering assault of deep state on the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency, The Donald seems to have wilted or given in to the foul-smelling winds of the regressives and neo-conmen of deep state.


Amazing, his base has stood by him up until recently, but now,  even they can see it for what it is; a total snow job and sell out. That from the king of the deal and reported best friend of Russian Mob Oligarths.


Except for the rabid QAnon base on Twitter, Bretibart and other Internet sites seem to have reacted badly to Donald’s cave to the neo-cons.


Among the latest actions causing the riff:


> Hiring neo-con warmonger John Bolton 

> Huge increase in spending

> Sending a representative back to TPP (a big corporate grab).

> Launching missiles at Syria after criticizing Obama for the same thing.


There aren’t small disagreements and some are philosophical, which is why I couldn’t vote for the man. But I also didn’t trust a man who would repeatedly stiff his blue collar subcontractors. 


The information was always out there about The Donald. But prior to the election, it was all about keeping Hillary out and Mr Trump was the only game in town.


But Donald Trump has a vast and colorful history with the Russian Mob in Florida and New York.


He also is in bed with both Rockefeller and Goldman Sachs. Just like Hillary, the public facade did not hold up to the actual truth about the candidate. The big question is to whether or not this hurts The Donald come 2018.

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