I've included some spiritual information on this page and here's why I did that:


Targeted Individuals are often chosen for several reasons:

a) You may be targeted because you've been loud, effective, opinionated - and you may be the opposition to a group that uses the methods of gangstalking and has access to electronic weapons to harrass and harm you.


b) To them, you may seem to be rather independent as you don't belong to a church or a political group. Therefore, the perps want to mold to suit their purposes.Phase two of the program is for slow kill to those, such as myself, who refuse to "obey." God gave me my mind, it is not for sale or rent and I will NOT be controlled by evil idiots.


c) The government has mind control cult programs that are funded in secret. They use children and adults in experimentation and special projects. Check out the video under the mind control part of this site. It is feared that CIA is training an army of manchurian candidates. Arm yourself with this knowledge and decide for yourself if you want to be alive in pain or a zombie for deep state.


Relax. Sticks and stones may break bones but the truth is going to come out soon. And it is going to hurt THEM. And the truth ALWAYS comes out. Have faith and don't give up. I know that it may seem like you're alone but there are those out there who are fighting to help YOU.


In my case, I searched my entire life for the spiritual truth re: the Christian religion, which I did not find in the major denominations nor the newer evangelical movements. I also got lost in politics and learned the hard way that it is a complete waste of your energy and time. In fact, it takes you off of your true path and purpose.


The Essene way of life speaks to me and I offer it here for you, but only as food for thought. I am not you nor can I show you your way to His truth.


I hope that you continue your quest for your truth regardless of the attacks from the cowardly, organized stalkers. Those who seek truth have always been persecuted throughout His_story.


There is a God. Learn to pray to Him in your own way, with Your authentic voice. I promise you that he/she (both actually!) will hear you and that you will learn how to see His answers to you. Remain open, continue to hope and pray to the one true God who doesn't belong to a denomination. "The Kingdom Of God resides inside of you."


Seek Him, He is near.

Evidence of Divine Design

"The Play" by Peter Mayer

Who Were The Essenes?

Since the archaeological discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1946, the word "Essene" has made its way around the world--often raising a lot of questions. Many people were astonished to discover that, two thousand years ago, a brotherhood of holy men and women, living together in a community, carried within themselves all of the seeds of Christianity and of future western civilization. This brotherhood--more or less persecuted and ostracized--would bring forth people who would change the face of the world and the course of history.

Indeed, almost all of the principal founders of what would later be called Christianity were Essenes--St. Ann, Joseph and Mary, John the Baptist, Jesus, John the Evangelist, etc.

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The Isaiah Effect

The Isaiah Effect - Greg Braden


A Groundbreaking Interpretation of Prayer, Quantum Science, and Prophecy.

Only one document was discovered completely intact among the 25,000 fragments of papyrus, parchment, and hammered copper known as the Dead Sea Scrolls: the Great Isaiah Scroll. Nearly one thousand years older than existing copies of the Old Testament’s Book of Isaiah, the twenty-two-foot-long parchment was still rolled and sealed in its original earthen vase when it was discovered in 1946. The completeness of the Isaiah Scroll offers unprecedented insight into the power of an ancient mystery — a lost mode of prayer — that modern science is just beginning to understand. Displayed today in Jerusalem’s Shrine of the Book Museum, the Great Isaiah Scroll is believed to be so precious by modern scholars that it’s withdrawn into a vault beneath the building’s floor in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

In The Isaiah Effect, the dazzling new work from the author of Awakening to Zero Point and Walking Between the Worlds, scientist and visionary Gregg Braden offers a radical departure from traditional interpretations of Isaiah’s text. Weaving state-of-the-art research with his extensive knowledge of the ancient Essenes (the creators of the scroll texts), Braden invites us on a journey where science and miracles are merged into a new wisdom — and lead to a startling conclusion. He suggests that Isaiah, the first Old Testament prophet, left precise instructions to the people of the future describing an unconventional mode of prayer.

Using principles recognized only recently in quantum physics, Braden demonstrates how Isaiah’s nonreligious, nondenominational form of prayer transcends time and distance to bring healing to our bodies and peace to the nations of our modern world.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

As you leave Jerusalem and go to the south and to the east, toward the Dead Sea, the terrain changes rapidly and starkly. You move off gradually from [the] ... rolling hillside, through the ravines, and it becomes stark and desolate. It's dry. It's arid. It's rocky, and it's rough. And all of a sudden, within a span of only about thirteen miles, the entire terrain drops out in front of you as you go from roughly 3400 feet above sea level at Jerusalem, to nearly 1400 feet below sea level at the surface of the Dead Sea. It is in that rugged cliff face, on the banks of the Dead Sea, in this arid, desolate climate, that the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered at the site known as Khirbet Qumran. The Scrolls were discovered, according to the story that, now, many people know, of a shepherd boy wandering along with his flocks and, as boys tend to do, throwing rocks in a cave. So the story goes that he heard a crack in one, went in to investigate and found a ceramic pot with what appeared to be pages inside. Those were then taken out and eventually found their way onto the market, and were only later rediscovered and deciphered as the Dead Sea Scrolls.


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The Flowers Of St Francis

In a series of simple and joyous vignettes, director Roberto Rossellini and co-writer Federico Fellini lovingly convey the universal teachings of the People’s Saint: humility, compassion, faith, and sacrifice. Gorgeously photographed to evoke the medieval paintings of Saint Francis’s time, and cast with monks from the Nocera Inferiore Monastery, The Flowers of St. Francis is a timeless and moving portrait of the search for spiritual enlightenment.


The Flowers Of St Francis

Siddartha - Herman Hesse

Siddhartha is one of the great philosophical novels. Profoundly insightful, it is also a beautifully written story that begins as Siddhartha, son of an Indian Brahman, leaves his family and begins a lifelong journey towards Enlightenment.

Colony Earth, Advanced Science and The Rig Veda


"Earth is only one of hundreds of colonies in our galaxy, which is home to 100 billion alien planets. Now is the time for this self-evident truth to be accepted! Planet Earth is a Sacred Cosmic Life Laboratory for the creation of a wondrous variety of beings. What is created here may be shared with other planets, and the living beings that inhabit or will inhabit those planets throughout the universe. Repeating cycles of Ice Ages and warm periods on Earth are fertile ground for the evolutionary seeding, nurturing and tempering of races. These cycles create an environment conducive to the spiritual, mental, and emotional development, and the perfection of beings.

The Rig Veda is our most accurate window into ancient times. The Seers, the Rishis who wrote these hymns were not only enlightened adepts and genius poets — they were also masters of highly advanced technology and sciences, which included space, the heliosphere, aerial ships, radiation weaponry, and climate modification."


V. Susan Ferguson's Story Found Here


The Fallen Angels

The fallen angels are those angels who followed Lucifer in the Great Rebellion.

Their consciousness therefore “fell” to lower levels of vibration and awareness as they were, by cosmic law, “cast out into the earth” by Archangel Michael and his legions of good angels.

The fallen angels are known by many names: the fallen ones, Luciferians, Watchers, Nephilim, “giants in the earth,” Satanists, Serpents, sons of Belial, etc.

The word Nephilim comes from the Hebrew, meaning “those who fell” or “those who were cast down,” from the Semitic root naphal, meaning “to fall. ” In the Greek Septuagint, a late translation of the Hebrew scriptures, the word Nephilim is rendered as “giants” (Gen. 6:4; Num. 13:33).

The ascended masters reveal that the Nephilim are the fallen angels cast out of heaven into the earth (Rev. 12:7-10, 12).  They are of the lineage and descent of “the Watchers” revealed in the Book of Enoch. Cambridge scholar and author C. S. Lewis wrote about the modus operandi of “bad angels” in his renowned Screwtape Letters. His psychological analysis of these bad angels is keenly descriptive of these embodied Watchers.


The Fallen Angels


Gospel Of Peace Book 1

And then many sick and maimed came to Jesus, asking him. "if you know all things, tell us, why do we suffer with these grievous plagues? Why are we not whole like other men? Master, heal us, that we too may be made strong, and need abide no longer in our misery. We know that you have it in your power to heal all manner of disease. Free us from Satan and from all his great afflictions. Master, have compassion on us."


And Jesus answered- "Happy are you that you hunger for the truth, for I will satisfy you with the bread of wisdom. Happy are you, that you knock, for I will open to you the door of life. Happy are you, that you would cast off the power of Satan, for I will lead you into the kingdom of our Mother's angels, where the power of Satan cannot enter."


Gospel Of Peace Book One

The Untold Story of Christian Origins

The Responsibility Of Freedom

On the Integration of the Spiritual and the Social

"A lot of people are writing and talking about spirit, higher self, personal enlightenment, shining health, transformation and the attainment of the Godly. A lot of people are following the words of those who proclaim knowledge of the above.

It is clear that many are searching for the security of a sound spiritual path to lead them through the material and mental chaos. Something that will bring with it a new awareness and sense of reality.

But this immediately raises the question: once having set off down this road – what will one do with the new found power which comes with traveling it? This opening-up of a new dimension of personal awareness and inner freedom.

Will one be content to simply carry on with ‘life as usual’ basking in the sense of uplift generated by this elevated sense of being? Perhaps one will change one’s diet. Buy a purer toothpaste. Take a brisk run each morning. Get a better juicer. Practice regular yoga and positive thinking. Even maybe seek to move to the fresher air of the countryside?

These are the ‘life changing’ messages that emanate from ‘Enlightenment plc’: the glossy mind, body, spirit periodicals; the earnest conferences; the retreats and the copious on-line sites devoted to self improvement. Nothing exactly wrong with any of these, of course, except that they mostly simply offer bolt-on ‘improvements’ to the existing status quo. More a kind of self enhancing escape route than a going forward to build something entirely different. Which, of course, is what is actually needed.

What is so evidently missing here, is instruction to the initiate to direct this new found energy outwards – into actions that help transform the dire state of life and of people on this planet. We cannot escape this material dimension in which we find ourselves, but we can help to transform it, by bringing our newly acquired four dimensional insights to bear on the largely static status quo."


Read Julian Rose' "The Responsibility Of Freedom"

The Book of Enoch

Sing to Me, My Morning Bird