Crime Creation

I am no investigator or attorney.


But I firmly believe that these government and quasi-military contractors are creating criminals out of people like Myron May. Listen to his last statements in the video below. What more evidence do you need?


These people include our shadow government, independent contractors and private individuals who are told lies, exxagerations and just plain garbage to give them incentives to go after Targeted Individuals.


I do know that the police, politicians and a large part of society are controlled by the elites and will only act on the status quo, which is a myth created by subversives in government agencies to create cover for their actions.


I beg you to look into this issue. I beg you to look throughout this web site at everything posted here. How can you continue to believe that TI's are crazy and paranoid in the face of such evidence? By doing so, you are complicit in this program.


To those who have a TI in your lives, give them the benefit of the doubt. If they are a loved one, give them support and learn about what's going on here.


To my loved ones who may come here after they kill me, all of this is 100% true. ALL of it.


Nobody believed Myron May, but I'm here to testify to the fact that their energy weapons are real and that they are using them against Americans in inhumane ways. It is, in fact, like being cooked as told by Myron May. They did it for six straight days to me, sometimes all night long.


They're doing it to tens of thousands of Americans because YOU don't believe us.

Myron May was a targeted individual. These were his last public statements.

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