Winning The War: Advanced Weapons, Strategies and Concepts For A Post 9/11 World

Some people out there will remain sceptical no matter the facts that you throw at them. Well, here's a book by the Army Intel guy that started all of the focus on advanced non-lethal weaponry.

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Twenty-second century historians will note that a new World War began on 9/11/2001. In reality, it began much earlier. Competing value systems and the lust for natural resources will precipitate an inevitable clash of civilizations. Currently, we face elusive foes-foes who play by other rules-and in fact, we are already engaged in brutal, truly asymmetric conflict with varied forms of fighting; terrorism is but an isolated part. 

The increasing number of polymorphic hostilities requires revolutionary and unconventional responses. Special operations are the norm. Nanoscale, biological, and digital technologies have transformed how we fight future wars. Tactical lasers that zap pinpoint targets at twenty kilometers are being developed, as is the millimeter-wave Active Denial System that causes intense pain to those exposed. The "Mother of all Bombs" has been dropped, as have thermobaric weapons that destroy caves and bunkers. Robots roam the battlefield while exotic sensors catalogue nearly every facet of our lives. Paralyzing electrical shock weapons are in the hands of police. Even phasers on stun are closer than you think. 

Youtube Video on "Frey Effect" produced this feedback



JB Smith wrote:


"NSA and JNLWD are partnering with Virginia State Police and local police implanting people with biochips.  Read "A Note on Uberveillance" by M. G. and Katina Michael. it enables Uberveillance. “In its ultimate form, überveillance has to do with more than automatic identification technologies that we carry with us. It has to do with under-the-skin technology that is embedded in the body, such as microchip implants; it is that which cuts into the flesh – a charagma (mark). Think of it as Big Brother on the inside looking out.” 


Newport News Police and Virginia State Police had a doctor implant me w/o my knowledge and consent with a biochip. A U. S. Attorney for the NSA/DOJ pretended to be my attorney.  It enables torture and thought monitoring. They use it as a sensor and pulse energy projectiles at you. I had a heart attack. It enables voice to skull communication. See LRAD white papers or audio spotlight by Holosonics. 


Law enforcement believes we will only be safe if they know where we are at all times, what we are doing and what we are thinking! See Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence by Springer page 9. See Mental Health and Terrorism by Amin Gadit.  He states, “Of late, there are reports of a new and dreadful invention of weapons of violence that are called Bioelectromagnetic Weapons. According to the description by an Institute of Science in Society, these weapons operate at the speed of light, can kill, torture and enslave without making physical appearance. It further adds that voices and visions, daydreams and nightmares are the most astonishing manifestations of this weapon system, it is also capable of crippling the human subject by limiting his/her normal range of movement, causing acute pain the equivalent of major organ failure or even death and interferes with normal functions of human senses. It can cause difficulty with breathing and induce seizures besides damage to the tissues and organs.


Through this form of terrorism, it is possible to persuade subjects that their mind is being read; their intellectual property is being plundered and can even motivate suicide or murder.


Pulsed Energy projectiles (PEPs) are another form of weaponry that is used to paralyze a victim with pain. According to Peter Philips, a scientist from USA, circumstances may soon arrive in which anti-war or human right protestors suddenly feel a burning sensation akin to touching a hot skillet over their entire body. Simultaneously they may hear terrifying nauseating screaming, which while not produced externally, fills their brains with overwhelming disruption. This new invention is dreadful addition to the armamentarium of weapons of abuse and torture.


Manifestations of the effects of these occult weapons can mimic mental ill health and add further to the misery of the victims.” See Bio Initiative Report 2012. See Forbes and search Brandon Raub. Law enforcement tases citizens into "excited delirium" (see at nij org) to make them act in ways they normally would not.


I believe they are directly responsible for the Virginia Tech massacre. There are 3 reasons to have it implanted 1) mental health, 2) criminal record, and 3) infectious disease. If you don’t meet any of those requirements like me, they’ll falsify your records.


All the mass shootings are the work of law enforcement. They want to take away your right to bear arms and make America a police state. People aren’t suddenly going crazy, they're being tortured. I also believe the biochip to be responsible for PTSD. 


Read Brian Castner's book "A Long Walk".  I have the same ambiguous pains, twitches, heart attack, night mares, day mares, gurgling, etc.  I never served in the war. What do we have in common? The biochip. Suicide is one way to get relief.  Virginia’s suicide rate is higher than the national average and the military suicide rate is unacceptable! You can check your upper right buttock, upper right shoulder.  They are just under the skin. I have been in excruciating pain for six years due to corruption in Virginia."



By Preston T. Bailey, PhD.


Poll: Most Americans Feel Threatened By the Government 

A new survey from Pew Research Center finds more than half of Americans believe the government threatens their personal rights. The national survey marks the first time a majority of Americans have viewed the government as a threat since Pew began tracking public opinion on the subject in 1995.  

The outgoing Homeland Security Secretary has a warning for her successor: A massive and “serious” cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster the likes of which the nation has never seen is also likely on its way.  

Project Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed reveals the cybernetic mind control by the CIA and their use of psychotronic weapons and their pursuit to weaponize neurpsychology.




THE NEUROPHONE: US Patent # 3,393,279. July 16th, 1968 

It's a device that converts sound to electrical impulses sometimes called the “Voice of God” or makes the person think he is crazy. When the signals are sent to the brain, it makes a person think that God is speaking to him/her or even an “alien.” It targets the unique bioelectrical resonance frequency using his “vibrational pattern” in the brain called a “signature” and it acts like an audio receiver.



U.S. patent #3,566,347, (23/2/71)

A device/weapon which can actually deafen the target



US Patent #5,159,703. October 27th, 1992 

Non aural carriers in extreme audio frequency ranges are amplified or modulated with the desired material and propagated acoustically for direct inducement into the brain. This is an excellent method of influencing people without their knowledge and is used in advertising.  



US Patent # 5,123,844. June 23rd, 1992

US Patent # 5,289,438. February 22nd, 1994 

These systems stimulate the brain with different frequencies and wave forms to alter the subject's state of consciousness.


Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) 

Monitoring/interference is one of the most insidious and secretive of all methods used by the agencies.



"A hearing system" U.S. patent #4,877,027, 31/10/89 &

"A hearing device" U.S patent #4,858,612, 22/8/89 

The first known experiment with microwaved voices was conducted by Sharp and Grove in the early 70's. However, the Defence IntelligenceAgency and ARPA (The Advanced ResearchProjects Agency) are principally to blame for the abuse of such technologies since. eg Project Pandora etc. The CIA's Langley Research Center as well as numerous scientists working in Energy/Defence department labs across the U.S. is also responsible.  



When the brain wave pattern of an individual is detected from the use of one of numerous types of detectors such as a satellite, these brainwave signals are sent to a monitor with a computer. These brain wave patterns are interpreted through a brain wave vocabulary that records the thoughts into words. The NSA monitors the brainwaves of their targets by satellite and decodes the evoked potentials (3.50Hz 5 milliwatts) that the brain emits. So, using lasers / satellites and high- poweredcomputers, the agencies have now gained the ability to decipher human thoughts - and from a considerable distance almost instantaneously.

Psychotronic Guns by Thor Jensen 

This is still an in-development project, but the potential for mayhem is unimaginable. Russia is currently working on weapons that employ electromagnetic radiation to directly affect the central nervous system–the root of all sensory processing–in a variety of unpleasant ways. The weapon will most likely build on existing research that shows the ability of low-frequency microwaves to affect brain function, alter moods and transmit false sensory data. Although this may all seem like X-Files stuff, the scientific basis is there. It’s up to some unscrupulous weapons designer to put it into practice.  

Sound waves have the potential to deal tremendous damage at loud enough amplitudes–think about a sonic boom, for instance. But you don’t need a jet engine to turn sound into a weapon. The Long Range Acoustic Device is a creation of the American technology Corporation that was originally designed to defend safe zones around boats. It produces an incredibly loud noise that can travel almost 1000 feet in a targeted beam, and if the frequency is amplified enough it can cause legitimate physical pain in its victims. 

Of all the senses you use on the battlefield, vision is probably the most important. So disrupting that can turn the tide in war. One of the most effective sensory weapons on the market right now is the Dazer Laser, made by Laser Energetics. Using a green laser source that emits both a continuous and pulsed wave, the range on the unit can be adjusted to as far as 2400 meters. One shot of the laser targeted at the eye area can completely incapacitate the victim for several minutes, long enough for them to be subdued non-lethally. 

The most effective sensory weapons are ones that can engage and disorient multiple methods of input as well. Colloquially known as the “puke ray,” the Distributed Sound and Light Array Debilitator generates sound and light in a specific sequence designed to overload the brain’s processors, generating feelings of unease and discomfort. Prolonged exposure can result in even more unpleasant effects, including nausea and vomiting. Some scientists are even working towards producing a portable version the size of a flashlight that can be used on an individual basis.  

The sensory organ with the largest active area in the body is, of course, the sense of touch. The human body has millions of individual nerves that are used to transmit sensory data to the brain, and a new experimental weapon from the U.S. government aims to really get them going. Pulsed energy projectiles are a specially - modulated laser that generates a burst of expanding plasma when they hit a solid object. That plasma in turn emits an electromagnetic pulse that causes immediate, searing pain to nerve cells all over the target’s body. They’re not in use yet, butresearch has been very promising.  

One of the most interesting sensory weapons on the market uses audio to disorient and confuse targets, but it skips the ear entirely. MEDUSA, a product of the Sierra Nevada Corporation, doesn’t create sound in a conventional way. Instead, it uses pulses of microwave radiation to generate shockwaves inside the skull that are detected by the ears from within–so earplugs won’t help you at all. It can generate painful white noise and even recognizable speech that sounds like it’s coming from the inside of your brain. Scary stuff


"The Mind Has No Firewall" Army article on psychotronic weapons (Parameters) 

The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited to, the chemical-electrical activity of the brain, heart, and peripheral nervous system, the signals sent from the cortex region of the brain to other parts of our body, the tiny hair cells in the inner ear that process auditory signals, and the light- sensitive retina and cornea of the eye that process visual activity. We are on the threshold of an era in which these data processors of the human body may be manipulated or debilitated. Examples of unplanned attacks on the body’s data-processing capability are well-documented. Strobe lights have been known to cause epileptic seizures. Not long ago in Japan, children watching television cartoons was subjected to pulsating lights that caused seizures in some and made others very sick.



A psychotronic generator produces a powerful electromagnetic emanation capable of being sent through telephone lines, TV, radio networks, supply pipes, and incandescent lamps.  

An autonomous generator is a device that operates in the 10-150 Hertz band. At the 10-20 Hertz band, it forms an infrasonic oscillation that is destructive to all living creatures. 

A nervous system generator is designed to paralyze the central nervous systems of insects which could have the same applicability to humans. 

Ultrasound emanation devices using ultrasound emanations are capable of carrying out bloodless internal operations without leaving a mark on the skin. They can also be used to kill people from a distance.  

Noiseless cassettes is the ability to place infra - low frequency voice patterns over music, patterns that are detected by the subconscious. These messages are then stored in a person’s sub-conscious mind which they may later act upon.



House Bill 4513 would amend the penal code (MCL 750.200h) to define “harmful electronic or electromagnetic device” as a device designed to emit or radiate an electronic or electromagnetic pulse or signal or microwave intended to cause harm to others or cause damage to, destroy, or disrupt any electronic or telecommunications system or device including a computer or computer network. The bill would also include a harmful electronic or electromagnetic device in the definition of “imitation harmful substance or device.”


The Nuremberg Code opposes all forms of human experiments 

The state of Missouri has a law against involuntary chipping or implanting of a human. Many countries have laws against human experimentation and the use of electromagnetic devices to control a person either their mind or their bodies.



Senator Glenn's publicly-expressed outrage that this government has been found to be engaging in brutal forms of involuntary human experimentation, and that any and all forms of this type of experimentation be exposed. He stated that there are experiments with non - ionizing, so-called "non-lethal," directed-energy weapons, surveillance and psychotronic systems. He opposes Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation especially connected to Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, CIA, and the National Reconnaissance Office. He stated the DOD has increased in the numbers of Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) towers and satellites that qualify as directed- energy emitters, microwave towers, and antennae arrays. John Glenn is also a member of the Electronic Surveillance Project that is trying to stop these forms of harassment and human experimentation.


"The reality of psychotronic weapons today" 

Preston T. Bailey