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CIA ADMITS TELEPATHIC WARFARE: What they failed to mention is that the war was domestic

CIA WAR AGAINST AMERICA: More more things change, the more they stay the same

Hwy 84 Mississippi/Alabama Cell Tower Abuse

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Mind control to major Tom

Mind control to major Tom

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Can you hear me, major Tom?

Can you hear me, major Tom?

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Here am I sitting in my tin can far above control

Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do



Swampers in DC Reacting to the

Stingray Cellphone Spying Tech


Don’t you love the swamp rats? First they okay the use of these spying machines for government agencies, homeland security, etc. Then, they expand it to policing organizations across the country. Next of course, government private contractors (GMOs) get them for their black ops teams.


Of course, like any other technology, someone leaves one behind while visiting a country overseas and now they have the technology as well.


Then, some rogue CIA, NSA or FBI operator decides to use them illegally and it all goes downhill from there.


Next, we have them all over DC, supposedly at foreign embassies, where Homeland Security says “they're really becoming quite a problem.




a) you started the crap spying on your own people so, STFU.

b) the company that makes them, and sells them worldwide, has their facility in Melbourne Fl. Again, STFU.

c) now you know what it feels like. So again, STFU!


News 4 Story – Swamp Circus DC

The technology can be as small as a suitcase, placed anywhere at any time, and it's used to track cell phones and intercept calls.


The News4 I-Team found dozens of potential spy devices while driving around Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia.


"While you might not be a target yourself, you may live next to someone who is. You could still get caught up," said Aaron Turner, a leading mobile security expert.

The device, sometimes referred to by the brand name StingRay, is designed to mimic a cell tower and can trick your phone into connecting to it instead.


The News4 I-Team asked Turner to ride around the capital region with special software loaded onto three cell phones, with three different carriers, to detect the devices operating in various locations.


"So when you see these red bars, those are very high-suspicion events," said Turner.

If you live in or near the District, your phone has probably been tracked at some point, he said.


A recent report by the Department of Homeland Security called the spy devices a real and growing risk.


And the I-Team found them in high-profile areas like outside the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue and while driving across the 14th Street bridge into Crystal City. The I-Team got picked up twice while driving along K Street — the corridor popular with lobbyists.


"It looks like they don't consider us to be interesting, so they've dropped us," Turner remarked looking down at one of his phones.


Every cellphone has a unique identifying number. The phone catcher technology can harness thousands of them at a time.


DHS has warned rogue devices could prevent connected phones from making 911 calls, saying, "If this type of attack occurs during an emergency, it could prevent victims from receiving assistance."


"Absolutely. That's a worry," said D.C. Councilwoman Mary Cheh, adding that the spy technology should be a concern for all who live and work in the District.


The I-Team's test phones detected 40 potential locations where the spy devices could be operating, while driving around for just a few hours.


"I suppose if you spent more time you'd find even more," said Cheh. "I have bad news for the public: Our privacy isn't what it once was."


Especially in her ward, where many of the streets are lined with embassies.

"They're doing the interrogation, or [checking] who we are, and then the white bar represents when they release us," Turner said as he demonstrated his technology.

The phones appeared to remain connected to a fake tower the longest, right near the Russian Embassy.


The I-Team got picked up twice off of International Drive, right near the Chinese and Israeli embassies, then got another two hits along Massachusetts Avenue near Romania and Turkey.


All of those countries have the phone catcher technology, Turner said.

"You know governments do this to each other all the time and laws-schmaws," said Cheh.


Which is a problem.


The spy technology poses a risk to national and economic security, but there's little our government can do to stop devices located on foreign soil.

"A law that we had could not tell these embassies what they can and cannot do," said Cheh.


The phone catchers can also be combined with other technology to listen-in or grab data from phones that are connected, Turner said.


"Most people don't know about it," said Alan Butler, senior counsel for the Electronic Privacy Information Center.


"There's no magic software or setting that protects you from these," Butler said.

Butler is also a D.C. resident.


"There's a lot to be concerned about," he said.


Particularly since DHS hasn't disclosed how many devices it found or where. The agency also said it did not determine who was operating them, which Butler finds unacceptable.


"I think they should be taking the time and investing the resources to identify them and to flag them to the carriers and find ways to either have them taken down or have them blocked," he said.


Turner said cell carriers can't completely secure our phones because they have to allow for law enforcement access. Plus, even the oldest phones must be able to reach 911, so low-tech vulnerabilities can't be closed.


"I don't think there's a magic fix here," said Turner. "I don't think Congress can mandate anything to say, Hey, carriers do this right now."


The good news is about half the devices the I-Team found were likely law enforcement investigating crimes or our government using the devices defensively to identify certain cellphone numbers as they approach important locations, Turner said.


The I-Team test detected devices in operation near Langley, the Pentagon and Fort Myer, but also found them in residential areas like Bethesda's Kenwood neighborhood, near Palisades in DC and along Old Dominion Drive in McLean, which Turner said raised questions.


"Maybe someone is involved in high-level negotiations on a business deal, or maybe it's a government employee involved in a regulatory ruling," he said, adding that he's heard of the devices being used in a corporate espionage situation, which is illegal under United States law.


You can't control which tower your phone attaches to, Turner said, so you can't avoid being caught by a device.


So if you've ever wondered why you just can't make a call from inside your home or office: "It could be why," said Turner. "[It's] a good reason to have a land line."

But you can protect your calls and texts by downloading free calling and texting apps that use encryption instead of using the standard ones that come installed on your cellphone, he said.

Obamagate Spy Scandal

So far, Hillary is facing charges of money laundering. Expect additional charges.


Attorney Joseph DiGenova said Thursday that he expects John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey will be indicted as well.


“We now know that there was indeed a criminal conspiracy involving John Brennan, James Clapper, Sally Yates, James Comey, senior DOJ officials and FBI officials. It is not beyond any doubt that those people engaged in illegal criminal conduct to subvert a national election before the election took place and then to subvert the presidency of the opposition party candidate who won,” DiGenova said Thursday on The Kuhner Report radio show.


Here is a full report on how the political criminals acted to subvert a US Election and blame it on Russia. 


In addition, the sedition (and blackmail) continues over at CIA, as uncovered here by a Trump-friendly operative: 



2016-2018: Global Cooling

Can you hear the crickets?


Inconvenient Science: NASA data show that global temperatures dropped sharply over the past two years. Not that you'd know it, since that wasn't deemed news.


Does that make NASA a global warming denier?


Writing in Real Clear Markets, Aaron Brown looked at the official NASA global temperature data and noticed something surprising. From February 2016 to February 2018, "global average temperatures dropped by 0.56 degrees Celsius." That, he notes, is the biggest two-year drop in the past century.


"The 2016-2018 Big Chill," he writes, "was composed of two Little Chills, the biggest five month drop ever (February to June 2016) and the fourth biggest (February to June 2017). A similar event from February to June 2018 would bring global average temperatures below the 1980s average."


Isn't this just the sort of man-bites-dog story that the mainstream media always says is newsworthy?


In this case, it didn't warrant any news coverage.


In fact, in the three weeks since Real Clear Markets ran Brown's story, no other news outlet picked up on it. They did, however, find time to report on such things as tourism's impact on climate change, how global warming will generate more hurricanes this year, and threaten fish habitats, and make islands uninhabitable. They wrote about a UN official saying that "our window of time for addressing climate change is closing very quickly."


Reporters even found time to cover a group that says they want to carve President Trump's face into a glacier to prove climate change "is happening."


In other words, the mainstream news covered stories that repeated what climate change advocates have been saying ad nauseam for decades.


That's not to say that a two-year stretch of cooling means that global warming is a hoax. Two years out of hundreds or thousands doesn't necessarily mean anything. And there could be a reasonable explanation. But the drop in temperatures at least merits a "Hey, what's going on here?" story.


What's more, journalists are perfectly willing to jump on any individual weather anomaly — or even a picture of a starving polar bear — as proof of global warming. (We haven't seen any stories pinning Hawaii's recent volcanic activity on global warming yet, but won't be surprised if someone tries to make the connection.)

We've noted this refusal to cover inconvenient scientific findings many times in this space over the years.


Hiding The Evidence


There was the study published in the American Meteorological Society's Journal of Climate showing that climate models exaggerate global warming from CO2 emissions by as much as 45%. It was ignored.


Then there was the study in the journal Nature Geoscience that found that climate models were faulty, and that, as one of the authors put it, "We haven't seen that rapid acceleration in warming after 2000 that we see in the models."


Nor did the press see fit to report on findings from the University of Alabama-Huntsville showing that the Earth's atmosphere appears to be less sensitive to changing CO2 levels than previously assumed.


How about the fact that the U.S. has cut CO2 emissions over the past 13 years faster than any other industrialized nation? Or that polar bear populations are increasing? Or that we haven't seen any increase in violent weather in decades?




Reporters no doubt worry that covering such findings will only embolden "deniers" and undermine support for immediate, drastic action.


But if fears of catastrophic climate change are warranted — which we seriously doubt — ignoring things like the rapid cooling in the past two years carries an even bigger risk.


Suppose, Brown writes, the two-year cooling trend continues. "At some point the news will leak out that all global warming since 1980 has been wiped out in two and a half years, and that record-setting events went unreported."


He goes on: "Some people could go from uncritical acceptance of steadily rising temperatures to uncritical refusal to accept any warming at all."


Brown is right. News outlets should decide what gets covered based on its news value, not on whether it pushes an agenda. Otherwise, they're doing the public a disservice and putting their own already shaky credibility at greater risk.


FBI Fraud Op “Crossfire Hurricane”


It has now been disclosed that the Obama Administration’s FBI and Dept of Justice opened an investigation into Donald Trump 100 days prior to the 2016 election, thereby interfering with the election, on dubious and falsely created claims of Russian collusion.


Actors included Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Peter Strzok, James Comey and a host of others.


Grand juries are being impaneled as I wrote this. Expanded inquiry finds others, including John Brennan, CIA, at least had knowledge of, if not participation in, said election interference.


Donald Trump was correct when he claimed that this is bigger than Watergate. In Watergate, we had a sitting president and a handful of aides found guilty of election interference, as well as breaking and entering. In Operation Crossfire, we have entire cabinet departmens like DOJ and their FBI, participating in, along with a sitting president, as well as a preferred presidential candidate, in the same effort to block the election of Trump. Their guilt may well include fraudulent FISC warrants, election interference, dereliction of their sworn duty, treason and more.


Unrelated inquiries that have, in part, been incubated by this fraud, have uncovered a hornet’s nest of pedophilia rings in the CIA, among rogue international operators. NSA, FBI and CIA currently have seprate inquiries going on that may bring down top names and former leaders under the Obama administration.


Hillary Clinton is being investigated for money laundering and her close advisor and former campaign chairman, John Podesta, is under investigation as well.



It may turn out to be a Crossfire Hurricane alright, but it seemed, for the democrats, the weather forecast was incorrect.


It seems fitting, since the partisan, criminal democrats named their op "Crossfire Hurricane" likely inspired by Rolling Stoes song, Jumpin Jack Flash, that Trump should call his response, "Sympathy For The Devil."

The Electro-Magnetic Control Grid

Capable of controlling human behavior world-wide.

Control's Truth SERUM = Conspiracy Theory Vaccine

Original Story Found Here

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The Strange Disapperance and Death of Timothy Cunningham, Commander CDC

Timmy Cunningham, epidemiologist and Commander CDC, went missing in February 2018, and was later found in the Chattahoochee River in NW Atlanta. His death was reported to be suspicious by Atlanta Major Crimes and his family. There are odd circumstances surrounding his disappearance and death, along with some of his work, which we found to be political. Here are the noteworthy facts as we know them:


  • Tim left his dog at home, his wallet, his SUV and his keys. He was found with his running shoes on floating in the Chattahoochee River in NW Atlanta weeks after he had been reported calling into work “sick.”


  • Timothy’s car was last seen entering the CDC facility but no camera saw it ever leaving the facility.


  • Two windows were left open in his home, which his family though suspicious, since Tim was so “energy conscious.” Plus, it was February, and even in Atlanta, it can get cold.


  • A March 12th Press release from CDC reported a correction to the media reports, which stated that Timothy was upset because he did not receive a promotion. That report is here:


  • It was Atlanta Police Major Michael O’Connor of the Major Crimes Unit, who said, On the morning of the disappearance, he said, Cunningham was informed by his supervisor as to why he wasn't receiving a promotion at work. He had been told a week before that he was being passed over for the job.”


Colleagues told police that Cunningham was "obviously disappointed" by the news and that he left work shortly after, saying he didn't feel well”, according to O', the CDC release doesn’t pass the smell test.

  • "The most unusual factor in this case is that every single belonging that we are aware of was located in the residence," O'Connor said. "His keys, his cell phone, credit cards, debit cards, wallet, all of his identification. Anything you could think of, we've been able to locate. None of those items are missing."


  • Quoted by the NY Times, his father said that “Commander Cunningham had a lot going on personally and professionally, and his most recent conversation with his son had left him worried.”

The tone, and the numerous exchanges gave us reason to be concerned about Tim,” Terrell Cunningham said. “And I don’t know if it’s an instinct you have because it’s your child, but it was not a normal conversation and I was not comfortable.”

Cunningham's car was parked in the garage, while his dog - Mr. Bojangles, aka Bo, was left all by himself.

"Tim never leaves Bo unattended," Terrell Cunningham told NBC News. "He just doesn't do it."

None of this makes sense,” Timothy’s brother Anterio told Atlanta Fox affiliate WAGA-TV. “He wouldn't just evaporate like this and leave his dog alone and have our mother wondering and worrying like this. He wouldn't.”

  • Tim was one of the good guys. He loved his job. He loved his work and had a passion for it. He was good at it as noted by his promotion to Commander. But Tim also loved his family, his dog and was active in his community. He had recently won a community award “40 at 40” in his area of Atlanta.

  • One of Mr Cunningham’s recent projects found that death rate among African Americans had fallen from “33% in 1999 to 16% in 2015. Mr Cunningham’s report also identified that this target group could improve upon to decrease death rates associated with cancer and heart disease). Tim Cunningham was doing good work @ CDC. That report is found here:



  • Tim was also an advocate for Barack Obama and had voted for him. He also crossed over into some political statements during his last report,


MAGGIE FOX/NBC NEWS: I’m really sorry. [inaudible] I’m sorry. This is suggesting that it’s all in people’s own hands. I think that the data has shown that it’s more than just telling people what they should be doing, right? So, what can doctors do? What can communities leaders do? What can people do to take care of each other, other than just throw us in you need to engage in more exercise and eat healthier foods?


TIMOTHY CUNNINGHAM: Yes, individual behaviors are important. But one challenge we face is that we have to invest in the places where people live to make healthier choices the easy choice. One thing we know is that places is a predictor of personal health. Where we live determines our health. Where we live determines the quality of housing. It determines the schools we attend. It determines our employment opportunities. It determines our health care that we have access to. So, yes, individual behaviors are important but so is intervening on the places where people live.


  • Other media also crossed over to the political side when reporting these CDC findings:


Black Americans living longer, but racial gap remains,” CDC says


  • CNN even attempts to link the report to the GOP’s attempt to dismantle The Affordable Care Act:


The report notes that President Donald Trump's efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act could disproportionately burden the black community, which already faces a disparity in access to care.”


Protect Our Progress” The State of Black America 2017


  • Timothy also admitted that there were factual errors in this report and he made a strange statement about “the way that we run our numbers” for this report. He was addressing questions about the cited health improvements “flat-lining” after previous years of improvement.


    Below you will see information about census manipulation during the Obama years, that included questions regarding health.


    Could these two facts be related? Was this CDC report political? Did issues with the political nature of the report come later?


  • Since Timothy an Obama supporter, and because his last report appeared political, it is necessary to also cover that angle of the story.



There’s a pattern of falsifying statistics throughout the entire Census Bureau...

As I’ve been writing for more than six months, the Census Bureau office in Philadelphia uncovered a case of fraud in 2010, did nothing about it and allowed the practice to continue.

Because the Census Bureau’s surveys are scientific — meaning each answer, in the case of the jobless survey, carries the weight of about 5,000 households — Buckmon’s actions alone would have given inaccurate readings on the economic health of 500,000 families...

A source told me from the start of my investigation last October that Buckmon’s actions weren’t isolated and that falsification continued in the Philadelphia office right through the 2012 presidential election, only stopping when I exposed the practice last fall.

Now others who work at Census in different areas of the country are stepping forward to tell me similar stories about data being changed at the whim of supervisors who are more concerned about making quotas than protecting the integrity of information that is used for everything from cost-of-living adjustments for Social Security recipients to monetary policy decisions by the Federal Reserve and business plans by companies in the US.

I can tell you that waste, falsification and fraud are rampant,” says one of my new sources, who works as a Census supervisor in the Midwest and handles a number of surveys, including those on jobs, health and crime.


And then there’s this from


The Centers for Disease Control collects U.S. mortality statistics and publishes them in a database called WONDER. The database is indeed a statistical wonder, allowing researchers to slice and dice U.S. mortality data into segments by age, gender, location, year, cause of morbidity, and many additional criteria…


WONDER allows researchers to separate causes of morbidity, so it is a simple matter to repeat the analysis, excluding drug-related and other external causes of death, and clear up the confusion about the increased U.S. mortality.

What happens when we calculate the death rate after excluding all external causes of morbidity (ICD-10 codes for deaths caused by drugs, alcohol, assault, suicide, and accidents—in short, anything that is not due to an internal illness)?

For the decade 2004-2013, the death rate is 247.4 people per 100,000 population. It is more stable than the all-cause death rate, with a low of 244.7, a high of 249.9, and a standard deviation of 1.7.

With Obamacare extending insurance to 15 million more people, this death rate should fall to 238 per 100,000

The 2014-15 data show the actual reported death rate among U.S. adults, excluding external causes, is … 252.9.



But the politics don’t stop there:


Perhaps most importantly, African Americans of all ages are more likely than white Americans to report they were unable to see a doctor during the past year because they could not afford the cost. The health care bill that was recently passed by the Republicans in the US House of Representatives is expected to make this situation much worse by increasing the cost of health care for black and white Americans alike.


Yes, unlike when they could, and the numbers still went up as noted above.


I’m not making this a political story. Timothy and the media did that.


  • Timothy’s work also brought him into interesting historical cases:


Cunningham works in epidemiology, trying to understand health differences across demographics. With more than 16 years of experience in public health, he has co-authored 28 publications on topics ranging from sleep deprivation to pulmonary disease, with a special focus on how health issues affect minorities. He worked on public health emergencies including Superstorm Sandy, the Ebola outbreak and the Zika virus. -



  • Did the Obama Administration run phony numbers through census to game the system and gain political support for the 2012 election?


  • Were these same numbers being used as recent as 2017, for this CDC report, when they were known to be suspect? Does that account for the “flat-lining” in the report?


  • How many other CDC (and other government) reports are politically tainted with BS numbers, leading to slanted conclusions, designed ahead of time, needing stats to provide the desired answer?



Is the death of Timothy Cunningham related to these questions?

Wikileaks Email Strongly Suggests:

Sept 11th Was a Coverup For A Huge Financial Crime


While mulling over Corzine, your pension, the so called "Great Vampire Squid"
Goldman Sachs and the "spreading of democracy" in the world (that evidently
is, instead, spreading a Caliphate -Sharia law), we should connect the dots.
We should re-visit that speech by David Rockefeller at the National Press
Club. The National Press Club seemed to fully understand and agree with what
David was referring to:

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine
and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and
respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have
been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been
subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now
more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The
supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is
surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past
- David Rockefeller

Which of our elected officials, who have sworn an oath to uphold our
Constitution, are involved in 'supranational' efforts to "march" us to a NWO?

How many 1st responders died responding to 911, how many continue to suffer
illnesses related to 911? What happened on 911?


Will something like this happen again?

"Federal Reserve had to cover-up the clearance of $240 Billion in covert
securities", this was before 911

Was Larry Silverstein ever asked what he knew and when did he know it? Am I
wrong? I don't remember him called to testify before the 911 Commission or

Who 'happened' to be in the 'death corridor' and what were they investigating
at the time?

Must watch, you will have no doubt that this needs to be re-opened:
9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Full-length

...and this:

"The answers to the questions surrounding the cause of the WTC attack will be
found in events during the presidency of George H.W. Bush and earlier.
Insight into the activities of that period are cloaked by the Executive Order
of George H.W. Bush’s son, President George W. Bush, who on November 1,
2001 issued Executive Order 13233."

"In 1992, George H.W. Bush served on the Advisory Board of Barrick Gold. The
Barrick operation would create billions of dollars of paper gold by creating
gold derivatives. A major distribution channel for the sale of
Barrick’s gold futures would be Enron."

"The records on this investigation were kept in the FBI office on the 23rd
floor of the North Tower which was destroyed by bomb blasts shortly before
the Tower collapsed."

"The Wall Street Journal reported:

"There is every reason to believe activities in the Bank of New York in
the aftermath of September 11th are worthy of suspicion..... At one point
during the week after September 11, the Bank of New York publicly reported to
be overdue on $100 billion in payments.

It suggests that certain key unknown figures in the Federal Reserve may have
been in collusion..."

Was September 11 a Cover-up of a Financial Fraud?

(The following is an attempt to present in a compact form the claims made by
Dick Eastman, Tom Flocco, V.K. Durham, Karl Schwarz and put together in an
the article by E.P. Heidner dated 28th June 2008 to the effect that the
September 11th attacks were intended to cover-up the clearing of the 1991
issuance of $240 billion in covert securities to fund an economic war against
the Soviet Union during which "unknown" western investors bought up much of
the Soviet industry. A crime presented by official sources as a "terrorist
attack" and used as an excuse to attack Iraq.)

September 11

Initially the official designation of "terrorist attacks" made it difficult
to discern a pattern. However if the destruction of the World Trade Centre, a
segment of the Pentagon, four commercial aircraft and the loss of 2,993 lives
is not considered as a "terrorist attack" but rather as a crime with specific
objectives, there is a compelling logic to the pattern of destruction, not
only of the buildings but of specific offices within each building.

If the attack on the Office of Naval Intelligence in the Pentagon was not
random it is reasonable to assume that the planes that hit the World Trade
Centre, and the bombs reported by various witnesses to have been set off
inside the buildings 1, 6, 7, the basement of the Towers, the vault in the
basement of the World Trade Centre were also deliberately targeted. Why? What
was it that linked these targets? The destruction of the contents of the
basement of the World Trade Centre - less than a billion in gold, but
hundreds of billions of dollars of government securities? In addition why
were specific brokers from the major government security brokerages in the
Twin Towers eliminated? To create chaos in the government securities market?
To create a situation wherein $240 billion dollars of covert securities could
be electronically cleared without anyone asking questions? Which
happened when the Federal Reserve declared an emergency and invoked its emergency powers that afternoon.

There were three major securities brokers in the World Trade Center: Cantor
Fitzgerald, Eurobrokers and Garbon Inter Capital. On the morning of September
11, Flight 11 hit the North Tower at 8:46 right below the floors on which
Cantor Fitzgerald was situated. Cantor Fitzgerald as the largest securities
dealer in the US was probably the primary target. Shortly thereafter a
massive explosion went off under the FBI offices in the North Tower on the
23rd floor, Garbon Inter Capital on the 25th floor, and in the basement of
Tower 1. The explosion caused the 22nd through 25th floors above to collapse
into an inferno. Fires were reported on the 22nd floor at 8:47. Shortly,
thereafter, at 9:03, Flight 175 hit the South Tower right below the floors on
which Euro Brokers was situated. In all three cases, the explosive, fiery
destruction consumed the offices in the several floors above. At 9:37 Flight
77 hit the Pentagon, targeting one of the few offices that had been moved in
the newly remodeled section of the Pentagon: the Office of Naval
Intelligence, which had been investigating the financial transactions linked
to the securities being managed by those security dealers in the World Trade
Center that were targeted. 41% of the fatalities in the Twin Towers came from
two companies that managed U.S. government securities: Cantor Fitzgerald and
Eurobrokers. 31% of the 125 fatalities in the Pentagon were from the Naval
Command Center that housed the Office of Naval Intelligence. 39 of 40 Office
of Naval Intelligence employees died. In the vaults beneath the World Trade
Center Towers, any certificates for bonds were destroyed.

Building 7 was evacuated somewhere between 9:00 and 9:30. Fires and
explosions spontaneously began at multiple locations inside the building
prior to the collapse of either Tower. This observation contradicts the
official explanation that the fire started when objects from the collapsing
towers caused the fires to ignite. The Building ultimately was destroyed in
what many unofficial observers now believe was a controlled demolition.
Building Seven housed several agencies critical to investigation of financial

In the midst of all this, Building 6 was destroyed by explosions from within.
Building 6 was home to the U.S. Customs agency and the El Dorado Task force,
which was responsible for coordinating all major money-laundering
investigations in the U.S. In the immediate aftermath of September 11, these
groups would be redirected to investigate terrorist financing.

The Office of Naval Intelligence in the Pentagon, which sustained a direct
hit from an airliner that day, was without a doubt, a target pinpointed for
destruction. The attacking aircraft went through intricate maneuvers in
order to hit the west side of the Pentagon, The flight path approach shows
that the attacking aircraft passed almost directly over the White House,
bypassing what should be considered a primary target for a "terrorist attack"
instead of a supposedly empty section of the Pentagon. The planes that hit
the South Tower also maneuvered in the last moments to hit their exact

On the same day, (September 11) the Securities and Exchange Commission
declared a national emergency and for the first time in U.S. history invoked
its emergency powers under Securities Exchange Act Section 12(k) and eased
regulatory restrictions for clearing and settling security trades for the
next 15 days. These changes would allow an estimated $240 billion in covert
government securities to be cleared upon maturity (September 12th) without
the standard regulatory controls around identification of ownership.

While most media reports defer to the U.S. government contention that Osama
Bin Laden was behind these attacks, foreign media provided reports suggesting
that the real power behind Al Qaeda was unknown. As shall be seen, the
financial power behind the attack is the same power that created these
securities, and the same power as that which founded Al Qaeda.
The Background

In order to understand why the ongoing Federal investigations into the crimes
funded by those securities needed to be ended or disrupted by destroying
evidence in Buildings 6, 7 and 1, it is necessary to understand how the $240
billion in covert, and possibly illegal government funding, could have been
created in September 1991 and also to know the background of 50 years of
history of key financial organizations in the United States, where U.S.
Intelligence became a key source of their off-balance sheet accounts.

The covert securities used to accomplish the original national security
objective had ended up in the vaults of the brokers in the World Trade
Centre, were destroyed on September 11, 2001, the day before they came due
for settlement and clearing. Either a key group of senior National Security
officials, who had participated in the victory of the economic cold war in
1991, considered the deaths and destruction as collateral damage to hide
the existence of the covert activities or the destruction constituted a
cover-up of continued lawlessness by a fraternity or brotherhood of
businessmen and criminals that has remained in the shadows ever since.
The Origins of the World Trade Centre Attack

Most historians track the history of September 11th to 1998 when Osama Bin
Laden declared a fatwa or jihad against the U.S., and the terrorist
Hamburg Group led by Mohammed Atta reportedly offered it’s
services to Al Qaeda. However, the history which defines the motives for the
September 11 attacks goes much further back. The answers to the questions
surrounding the cause of the WTC attack will be found in events during the
presidency of George H.W. Bush and earlier. Insight into the activities of
that period are cloaked by the Executive Order of George H.W. Bush’s son,
President George W. Bush, who on November 1, 2001 issued Executive Order
13233. As a result public records which might have shed light on the
activities of 1990 and 1991 remain shielded from public access. Consequently
the reconstruction of events from the late 1980s and early 1990s is based on
news reports, books and articles.

What the public record suggests is that with the beginning of the first Bush
Presidency in 1989, George H.W. Bush initiated a program of covert economic
warfare to bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union. The name of this
program appears to be Project Hammer - a multi-billion dollar covert
operation, whose investments remain shielded.

There is reason to believe that the plan was initially formulated by
Reagan’s CIA Director, William Casey. Many of the program operatives were
probably engaged through official CIA and National Security channels.
However, as a result of the experience gained by the Bush cabinet and its
private sector counterparts during the secretive Iran-Contra and Ferdinand
Marcos gold operations, the execution of that program would be accompanied
by a new assumption that the use of covert and illegal funding for a policy
not approved by Congress would remain acceptable.
The Source of the Funds

Numerous sources have documented that at the end of World War II, the
treasury of the Japanese Empire was discovered in the Philippines by Edward
Lansdale a member of the staff of General Charles Willoughby, who was General
MacArthur’s chief of Intelligence. Lansdale and Severino Garcia Diaz Santa
Romana tortured Major Kojima Kashii, General Yamashita Tomoyukiâ’s driver,
until he revealed the sites of the gold. Then known as the "Golden Lily
Treasure", this mass of wealth had been accumulated by the Japanese over
fifty years from the pillaging of Southeast Asia and China by its army and
had been deposited in the Philippines due to the U.S. submarine blockade of
Japan. Reports vary, but documents in the public domain suggest the recovered
treasure was in excess of 280,000 metric tonnes of gold.

Lansdale briefed Assistant Secretary of War John J. McCloy about the
findings, and a U.S. Cabinet-level decision was made to confiscate the gold
and cover-up its discovery. The gold would be added to the Black Eagle Trust
fund which took its name from the Nazi Black Eagle stamped on the gold bars
confiscated from the Reich and was the original source of funding for the
trust. Over the years, the significance of the Nazi gold would pale in
comparison to the confiscated Japanese treasure. As the fund grew, it was
distributed in private accounts across the globe in over 100 banks, and
administered by General Earle Cocke.

Lansdale and Santa Romana were made responsible for recovery of the treasure.
They fabricated a Communist Revolution by the Hukbalahak rebels in
order to confiscate the land where much of the gold was buried, and proceeded
to mine it.

The Yamashita gold would become the cornerstone of the Black Eagle Fund, from
which many covert operations of the U.S. intelligence would be funded. Under
international law the gold should have been either returned to the countries
from which it was stolen (as was done with the Nazi gold), or should have
been incorporated into the U.S. Treasury. The U.S. Government’s continued
efforts to stifle news on this matter provides prima facie evidence that the
confiscation of this gold was illegal.

The men responsible for initiating and executing the confiscation of Nazi and
Japanese treasury gold represent the most senior Intelligence officers in the
U.S. and Britain at the end of World War II, and the Cabinet of the President
of the United States. The financial institutions represented by these
individuals would become the major financial banks in the world, along with
the Swiss-German banks where they hid their gold.

Lansdale’s operation in the Philippines gave birth to most of the common
features of modern covert operations for the U.S. Intelligence and initiated a
bond between the US intelligence organizations and the Israeli intelligence.
He also set precedents for the Intelligence community to retain the services
of organized crime on U.S. soil and to use drug running as a way of financing

The covert operations funded by the Black Eagle Trust in the 1960s and 1970s
became visible stains on the global image of the U.S. despite all efforts to
keep them under cover. In an effort to clean house, President Jimmy Carter
would order the retirement of over 800 covert operatives. Many of these
operatives would move into private consulting and security firms and be
employed as subcontractors for covert operations. Thus began a loose
association of private operatives that would be referred to as the
Enterprise in the years to come. George H.W. Bush, having been CIA
Director, had many acquaintances in this group, and would work with them to
restore their influence and control over U.S. foreign policy and the foreign
investment opportunities it created for their benefit.

Meantime Ferdinand Marcos, the pro-U.S. dictator of the Philippines,
continued to discover even more of the buried treasure. and had started to
sell it on the market during the 1970s with the assistance of Adnan
Khashoggi. US Intelligence operations had been siphoning off the gold for
three decades. However in 1986 Vice President George Bush took over the gold
from Marcos and the gold was removed to a series of banks, notably Citibank,
Chase Manhattan, Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, UBS and Banker’s
Trust, and held in a depository in Kloten Switzerland. What happened to the
Marcos gold after it was confiscated by U.S. agents in 1986 has never been
reported, but throughout the early 1990s, the world gold market would be
befuddled by the mysterious appearance of thousands of tonnes of gold which
appeared to suppress the price of gold.

In South east Asia operations were financed through Nugan Hand Bank in
Australia which would be one of the many banks used for transferring the
Marcos gold from the Philippines into covert operations. Frank Nugan’s
family ran the primary supply shipping operation between the U.S. Navy base
in the Philippines and Australia. Frank Nugan's business partner, Peter
Abeles, and Henry Keswick, together with Canadian businessman Peter Munk,
would link with Adnan Kashoggi, Sheikh Kamal and Edgar Bronfmann in a series
of operations which ultimately would evolve into Barrick Gold.

In 1992, George H.W. Bush served on the Advisory Board of Barrick Gold. The
Barrick operation would create billions of dollars of paper gold by creating
gold derivatives. A major distribution channel for the sale of
Barrick’s gold futures would be Enron. Enron would also become the vehicle
by which oil and gas contracts from the former Soviet Union (vehicles for
Soviet money-laundering) were processed. Barrick, which has no mining
operations in Europe, used two refineries in Switzerland: MKS Finance S.A.
and Argor-Heraeus S.A. - both on the Italian border near Milan, a few hours
away from the gold depository in Zurich. The question that Barrick and other
banks needed to avoid answering is: what gold was Barrick refining in
Switzerland, as they have no mines in that region?

Barrick would become a quiet gold producing partner for a number of major
banks, and its activities became subject to an FBI investigation into
gold-price-fixing. The records on this investigation were kept in the FBI
office on the 23rd floor of the North Tower which was destroyed by bomb
blasts shortly before the Tower collapsed. The ultimate destination of the
"Golden Lily Treasure", and the source of the loan gold that flooded
the market for 10 years has never been officially explained.

The records of many of those transactions disappeared when Enron collapsed
and the trading operation and all its records were taken over by UBS, another
major recipient of Marcos gold. The FBI was reportedly conducting an
investigation into those transactions, and the investigation files were kept
on the 23rd floor of the North Tower of the WTC. A review of the personal
accounts of September 11 now suggests that office was deliberately targeted
with explosives prior to the collapse of the WTC.

Another key player in the Marcos gold was Banker’s Trust, which was taken
over by Alex Brown & Sons, after Banker’s Trust floundered financially on
its Russian loans in the mid 1990s. These Russian loans were facilitated by
Enron, starting in August of 1993, and very possibly were part of the Project
Hammer takeover of Soviet industry.

Amongst those brought into the picture by the involvement of Alex Brown was
J. Carter Beese who was Executive Director of the CIA at the time of
September 11. He was appointed by George H.W. Bush to the board of directors
of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation in 1992. Since 1992, OPIC has
provided more than $4.5 billion in finance and insurance to more than 140
projects in Russia. He was also Chairman of Riggs Bank and also President o
Riggs Capital Partners. Riggs controlled the famous Riggs-Valmet consultants
who set up the international financial apparatus for the Russian oligarchs
and rogue KGB allowing them to steal the Soviet treasury and destroy the
Russian economy. Carter Beese’s death was reported as a suicide in 2006.

It appears that in September 1991, George H.W. Bush and Alan Greenspan did
indeed finance $240 billion in bonds in a buy-out of the Soviet Union as part
of a broader program to attack the economy of the Soviet Union. In addition
President George H.W. Bush had initiated a number of related covert
operations to take over certain sectors of the Soviet economy,

The covert business dealings with the Iranians and Israelis which originated
with Kashoggi and Kimche in July 1980 in Hamburg under the October Surprise
arrangement, would provide an opening to the Soviet KGB that would allow the
U.S. to fund a coup against Gorbachev in 1991. It would grow into a larger
covert operation over the years, and be overshadowed by the larger
Iran-Contra operation. Members of Bush’s covert intelligence cadre sold
weapons to Iran, an avowed enemy of the U.S., and illegally used the profits
to continue funding anti-Communist rebels, the Contras, in Nicaragua.

The entire Iran-Contra operation almost fell apart in 1986 and became public
when the Nicaraguan government shot down a U.S. plane carrying weapons to the
Contra rebels However the Iran-Contra team continued to violate the law even
while being investigated by Congress.

Emboldened by the lack of consequences for subverting the U.S. constitution
and breaking international law during the Iran-Contra scandal, the Bush
administration group known as the Vulcans planned a bigger drive to
crush Soviet Russia.

The program also seems to have lined the pockets of the individuals that
executed this policy, at US taxpayer expense. This was done to the tune of
the $240 billion dollars in covert and allegedly illegal bonds, which appear
to have been replaced with Treasury notes backed by U.S. taxpayers in the
aftermath of September 11.

The Vulcan’s Covert Economic War on the Soviet Union

In 1988, Riggs Bank, under the direction of Jonathan Bush and J Carter Beese,
would purchase controlling interest in a Swiss company named Valmet. In early
1989, the new subsidiary of Riggs called Riggs-Valmet would initiate contact
with a group of KGB officers and their front-men to start setting up an
international network for moving money out of the former Soviet block

In the first phase of the economic attack on the Soviet Union, George Bush
authorized Leo Wanta and others to destabilize the ruble and facilitate the
theft of the Soviet/Russian treasury. This would result in draining the
Russian treasury of between 2,000 to 3,000 tonnes of gold bullion, ($35
billion at the time). This step would prevent a monetary defence of the ruble
and thus destabilize the currency. The gold was stolen in March of
1991, facilitated by Leo Wanta and signed off by Boris Yeltsin’s right hand
man. The majority of the leaked reports from the CIA and FBI suggest the
theft of the Russian treasury was a KGB and Communist party operation, but
what those reports omitted was the extensive involvement of Boris Yeltsin,
the U.S. CIA and the U.S. banking industry.

In November 1989 George H.W. Bush appears to have arranged for Alton G. Keel
Jr, a minor player in the Iran-Contra scandal to go to work at Riggs Bank,
which would become the controlling owner of a small Swiss bank operation
known as Valmet. The Riggs-Valmet operation, would become the
consultants to the World Bank and to several KGB front operations run
by future Russian oligarchs Khordokovsky, Konanykhine, Berezovsky and
Abromovich. These soon-to-be Russian oligarchs had been set-up as front men
by KGB Generals Aleksey (Alexei) Kondaurov; and Fillipp Bobkov, who
previously reported to Victor Cherbrikov, who worked with Robert Maxwell, a
British financial mogul, an Israeli secret service agent, and a
representative of U.S. intelligence interests, who had been introduced to
George Bush in 1976 by Senator Tower for the sole purpose of using Maxwell as
an intermediary between Bush and the Soviet Intelligence. Maxwell assisted
Cherbrikov in selling military weaponry to Iran and the Nicaraguan Contras
during the course of the Iran Contra deals, and made hundreds of millions of
dollars available to Cherbrikov’s Russian banks. These two would bring a
previously unknown politician and construction foreman named Boris Yeltsin
from the hinterlands of Russia to the forefront of Russian politics through
providing 50% of Yeltsin’s campaign funding.

In the second phase, there were two major operations: the largest was
coordinated by Alan Greenspan, Oliver North, and implemented by Leo Wanta.
George Soros and a group of Bush appointees who began to destabilize the
ruble. They are accused of fronting $240 billion in covert securities to
support the various aspects of this plan. These bonds were created (in part or
in whole) from a secretive Durham Trust, managed by ex-OSS/CIA officer,
Colonel Russell Hermann. This war chest had been created with the Marcos

Shortly before the attempted coup of 1991, Maxwell met Kruchkov on
Maxwell’s private yacht. Shortly afterwards, Maxwell died mysteriously on
his yacht while Senator Tower died in a plane crash under suspicious
circumstances in April of 1991.

In the meantime, Riggs Bank was quickly solidifying banking relations with
two of the old Iran-Contra scandal participants: Swiss bankers Bruce
Rappaport, and Alfred Hartmann. Through this group George Soros opened a
second front assault on the ruble. It is at this stage of the operation that
three more groups would be brought into the plan by Rappaport and Hartmann:
The Russian Mafia, the Israeli Mossad, and the Rothschild family interests
represented by Jacob Rothschild.

Soros and Rappaport would ensure that the Rothschild financial interests
would be the silent backers for a number of the undisclosed deals. The
Rothschild interests would also be seen on the board of directors of Barrick

In the fourth phase of the secret war, the Enterprise worked on several
fronts to take over key energy industries. On the Caspian front of this
economic war, James Giffen was sent to Kazakhstan to work with President
Nazarbayev in various legal and illegal efforts to gain control of what was
estimated to be the world’s largest untapped oil reserves - Kazak oil in
the Caspian. The illegal flow of money from the various oil companies would
reach a number of banks. These same oil interests would engage March Rich and
the Israeli Eisenberg Group, owned by one of the Mossad’s key operatives,
Shaul Eisenberg, to move the oil. (The Eisenberg Group would at some point
own almost 50% of Zim Shipping, which mysteriously and inexplicably moved out
of the World Trade Center a few weeks before the September 11 attacks.)

Like the other events linked with Project Hammer, the coup was all about the
money. The coup began the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the beginning
of the reign of Boris Yeltsin and his family of Russian Mafia
Oligarchs, and President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan. In the final
phase, a series of operatives assigned by President George H.W. Bush would
begin the takeover of prized Russian and CIS industrial assets in oil, metals
and defence. This was done by financing and managing the money-laundering for
the Russian oligarchs through the Bank of New York, AEB and Riggs Bank.

A closer look at other activities leading up to these phases makes it clear
that is was a U.S. orchestrated intelligence effort from the beginning. The
economic war involved Gerald Corrigan of the NY Federal Reserve Bank, George
Soros, an international currency speculator who was responsible for crashing
the British pound a few years earlier, former Ambassador to Germany R. Mark
Palmer, and Ronald Lauder-financier and heir to the Estee Lauder estate.
Palmer and Lauder would lead a group of American investors in an Operation
called the Central European Development Corporation, and combine forces with
George Soros and the NM Rothschild Continuation Trust. This group ending up
controlling Gazprom, the Russian natural gas giant, while the Riggs group
ended up controlling Yukos, the oil giant. Ownership for both remains largely

hidden today, while its front men endure the hardships of the Russian
wrath by spending time in prison.

Meanwhile, across the Caspian Sea, Bush had assigned a wide array of former
Iran-Contra operatives to take a role in Azerbaijan. Initially, he sent in
the covert operatives Richard Armitage and Richard Secord who worked with
their old colleague from the Mossad, David Kimche, and their old arms running
colleagues Adnan Kashoggi and Farhad Azima to hire, transport, and train
several thousand Al Qaeda mercenaries to fight on behalf of the Azeri freedom
fighters! Osama Bin Laden was reported to have been part of this mercenary
The September 11th Cover-up of the Black Eagle Trust and Project Hammer

Ten years later in 2001, these programs had finally come back to haunt the
U.S. policy makers. Most, if not all of these programs appear to have
stepped outside of the boundaries of the law. As a result, investigative
agencies from Britain, Switzerland, Russia, Kazakhstan and the Philippines
were putting pressure on Congress and the U.S. Department of Justice to open
up the accounts in the banks used to finance these covert activities.
Pressure was being put on the Swiss banking cartel to open its bullion
records to public scrutiny. Full disclosure by these banks during an
investigation would have resulted in a major exposure of U.S. Government
complicity in some of the greatest financial frauds of the 1980s and early
1990s as well as 50 years of gold bullion theft by numerous U.S. and British
government agencies. Moreover, investigation into these accounts would
disclose a National Security secret known as the Black Eagle fund, and
virtually every covert operation since World War II. Bringing an end to these
investigations and preventing this disclosure was the sole objective for the
destruction of the WTC and Pentagon.

These investigative and legal pressures began to accumulate in 1997, and in
February 1998, Osama Bin Laden declared his fatwa, and Atta started planning
the September 11 attacks.

With the bonds out in the market, they had sat for ten years, like a ticking
time bomb. At some point, they had to be settled - or cashed in, on September
12, 2001. The two firms in the U.S. most likely to be handling them would be
Cantor Fitzgerald and Eurobrokers the two largest government securities
firms in the U.S. The federal agency mostly involved in investigating those
transactions was the Office of Naval Intelligence. On September 11 those same
three organizations: the two largest government securities brokers and the
Office of Naval Intelligence in the US took near direct hits.

What happened inside the buildings of the World Trade on September 11 is
difficult, but not impossible to discern. The government has put a seal on
the testimony gathered by the investigating 911 Commission, and instructed
government employees to not speak on the matter or suffer severe penalties,
but there are a number of personal testimonies posted on the internet as to
what happened in those buildings that day. Careful reconstruction from those
testimonies indicates the deliberate destruction of evidence not only by a
targeted assault on the buildings, but also by targeted fires and explosions.
In the event that either the hijacking failed, or the buildings were not
brought down, the evidence would be destroyed by fires.

Even more revealing would be the actions of the Federal Reserve Bank and the
Securities and Exchange Commission on that day, and in the immediate
aftermath. As one of many coincidences on September 11, the Federal Reserve
Bank was operating its information system from its remote back-up site rather
than its downtown headquarters. The SEC and Federal Reserve system
remained unfazed by the attack on September 11. All of their systems
continued to operate. The two major security trading firms had their trade
data backed up on remote systems. Nevertheless, the Commission for the first
time invoked its emergency powers under Securities Exchange Act Section 12(k)
and issued several orders to ease certain regulatory restrictions

On the first day of the crisis, the SEC lifted Rule 15c3-3 Customer
Protection--Reserves and Custody of Securities, which set trading rules
for the certain processes. Simply GSCC was allowed to substitute securities
for the physical securities destroyed during the attack.

Subsequent to that ruling, the GSCC issued another memo expanding blind
broker settlements. A blind broker is a mechanism for inter-dealer
transactions that maintains the anonymity of both parties to the trade. The
broker serves as the agent to the principals' transactions.

Thus the Federal Reserve and its GSCC had created a settlement environment
totally void of controls and reporting where it could substitute valid,
new government securities for the mature, illegal securities, and not have to
record where the bad securities came from, or where the new securities went
all because the paper for the primary brokers for US securities had been

This act alone, however was inadequate to resolve the problem, because the
Federal Reserve did not have enough takers of the new 10 year notes.
Rather than simply having to match buy and sell orders, which was the essence
of resolving the fail problem, it appears the Fed was doing more than
just matching and balancing, it was pushing new notes on the market with a
special auction.

If the Federal Reserve had to cover-up the clearance of $240 Billion in
covert securities, they could not let the volume of capital shrink by that
much in the time of a monetary crisis. They would have had to push excess
liquidity into the market, and then phase it out for a soft landing, which is
exactly what appears to have happened. In about two months, the money supply
was back to where it was prior to 9/11.

It was the rapid rotation of the securities settlement fails in the aftermath
of September 11th that appears to have allowed the Bank of New York and the
Federal Reserve to engage in a securities refinancing that resulted in the
American taxpayer refinancing the $240 billion originally used for the Great
Ruble Scam.

The reports published by the Federal Reserve argue that the Federal
Reserve’s actions increasing the monetary supply by over $300 billion were
justified to overcome operational difficulties in the financial sector.

What appears to be the case is that the Federal Reserve imbalances reported
on three consecutive days in the aftermath were largely concentrated at the
Bank of New York, which is reported to represent over 90% of the imbalance
suggesting the Bank had been the recipient of massive fund transfers, and
unable to send out transfers. This supposedly was due to major communication
and system failures. In fact, none of the Bank of New York's systems failed or
went non-operational.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

"There is every reason to believe activities in the Bank of New York in
the aftermath of September 11th are worthy of suspicion..... At one point
during the week after September 11, the Bank of New York publicly reported to
be overdue on $100 billion in payments.

It suggests that certain key unknown figures in the Federal Reserve may have
been in collusion with key unknown figures at the Bank of New York to create
a situation where $240 billion in off balance sheet securities created in
1991 as part of an official covert operation to overthrow the Soviet Union,
could be cleared without publicly acknowledging their existence. These
securities, originally managed by Cantor Fitzgerald, were cleared and settled
in the aftermath of September 11th through the Bank of New York. The $100
billion account balance bubble reported by the Wall Street Journal as being
experienced by the Bank of New York was the tip of a three-day operation,
when these securities were moved from off-balance-sheet to the balance sheet.

The above gives an idea of the intricate activities both to perpetrate and
then to cover the crime, which was then used under its "terrorist attack"
label as an excuse for the attack on Iraq.

George HW Bush: Pedophile

The Franklin Cover Up is only the tip of the Iceberg


George used to enjoy the company of young boys from Boystown USA, where they would take them to the White House and have their way with them. Or GHW, along with his gay buddies, Dick Cheney and John Sununu, would have them drugged with a "Voodoo" drug and take them to the Brownstone, owned by Barney Frank.


All this, while Bush was VP Bush.


The Franklin Cover Up is only the tip of the Iceberg



George HW Bush is a known evil pedophile, who ran a Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring during the 1980s known as “Operation Brownstone and Operation Brownstar”, and later to become known as “The Finders or The Franklin Coverup”. U.S. Vice President George HW Bush would sneak children over to Senator Barney Frank’s condo, known as a “Brownstone” to their famous cocktail parties, where U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senators — some willing and some unwilling participants — got a taste of the “Voodoo Drug” in their drink.


The Alleged DNC Killings of 2016



Seth Rich was likely killed by agents of the Clinton Campaign for leaking documents to Wikileaks, including emails that proved collusion with the DNC.


We now know that criminal elements existed in the FBI, NSA and CIA, which were banking on her presidency and that they were totally unprepared for her loss to Trump. We also know that among these agencies, including the three former agency heads; John Brennan, James Comey & James Clapper, were breaking a multitude of laws to prop the bitch up. Many of us who opposed princess Hillary, were also attacked, myself included.


It is this writer’s opinion, based on years of anti-Clinton experience (both Bill & Hillary) that they will attack using any means necessary, to silence an opponent and keep them from telling their story. This list of things that they, or their agents, have done to me is long.


But back to Seth Rich…




I know that Seth Rich was involved in the DNC leak.


I know this because in late 2014 a person contacted me about helping me to start a branch of the Internet Party in the United States. He called himself Panda. I now know that Panda was Seth Rich.

Panda advised me that he was working on voter analytics tools and other technologies that the Internet Party may find helpful.

I communicated with Panda on a number of topics including corruption and the influence of corporate money in politics.

He wanted to change that from the inside.”

I was referring to what I knew when I did an interview with Bloomberg in New Zealand in May 2015. In that interview I hinted that Julian Assange and Wikileaks would release information about Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election.

The Rich family has reached out to me to ask that I be sensitive to their loss in my public comments. That request is entirely reasonable.

I have consulted with my lawyers. I accept that my full statement should be provided to the authorities and I am prepared to do that so that there can be a full investigation. My lawyers will speak with the authorities regarding the proper process.

If my evidence is required to be given in the United States I would be prepared to do so if appropriate arrangements are made. I would need a guarantee from Special Counsel Mueller, on behalf of the United States, of safe passage from New Zealand to the United States and back.

In the coming days we will be communicating with the appropriate authorities to make the necessary arrangements. In the meantime, I will make no further comment.


The friends of the Clintons are all 100% into the society of the Illuminati, with their practices of pedophilia and satanism, and long ago corrupted our government with hordes of fellow sociopaths.


But this American cabal is in crisis mode with nobody in the White House to protect them. To wit:


  • Their pedo ring friends and abusive, rogue friends in deep state, are being rounded up facing criminal charges, including Jeffrey Epstein.

  • Their attempt to frame Trump for Russian collusion fell flat on its deceitful face.

  • Comey, McCabe, Clinton and many others now face criminal charges. Others, like Mueller, Clapper and Brennan, will happen soon enough.

  • Public support for democrats is on the wain and the president’s approval on the rise. If Trump stays out of war he will be re-elected to the horror of criminals and phonies on the left.



The truth about Seth Rich will one day be known. And along with that truth will come the death of the Clinton wing of the democrat party.


Insider Stole DNC Data Five Days Before Seth Rich Murder…No Russian Hacker!


An in depth study of the documents published by the ‘Guccifer 2.0’ online persona by an independent researcher calling themselves “The Forensicator” concludes that the files were most likely obtained through a USB drive directly plugged into a DNC computer — not a shadowy Russian hacker.

Additionally, the report found that the files were copied five days before the murder of Seth Rich, a data analyst for the Democratic National Committee, who WikiLeaks has hinted may have been their source.


Shawn Lucas


Like Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas’ death seems to cross paths with the Clinton campaign and the DNC in the summer of 2016.


Police reports say that Shawn died of complications arising from combining medications: fentanyl, cyclobenzaprine, and mitragynine.


Shawn’s death is suspicious because he had just served the DNC with a lawsuit for the Sanders campaign alleging fraud and collusion with the Clinton campaign.


The lawsuit was filed on June 28 by Bernie Sanders supporters against the DNC and then DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who resigned in the wake of the WikiLeaks email scandal.


The lawsuit was filed on June 28 by Bernie Sanders supporters against the DNC and then DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who resigned in the wake of the WikiLeaks email scandal.

The lawsuit filed by “a group made up predominantly of Bernie Sanders supporters” alleges Wasserman Schultz “rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton,” says UPI.

The group of 120 people says in the lawsuit “that Wasserman Schultz and the DNC were fraudulent, negligent and misrepresented their true motivations in the Democratic presidential primary,” said UPI, adding that internal email and memos were cited in the lawsuit. Says

Although Shawn died in August, the DC medical examiner’s office did not assign a cause of death until November, which increasingly fueled suspicions.



Joe Montano

Joe Montano “died of a heart attack” on July 25, 2016. He was the Chairman of DNC before Wasserman Shultz. He also worked as Regional Director for Tim Kaine.

The dead occurred after the WikiLeaks email dump. Montano, 47, with no history of heart problems.

Berta Caceres

Human rights activist Berta Caceres was also killed sleeping in her home in La Esperanza, Honduras. Press reports say that Berta said that Hillary Clinton was responsible for the Honduran coup, which toppled President Manuel Zelaya, the democratically elected leader.

After the coup, Honduras had become one of the most dangerous countries, and Hillary’s role in the coup - public knowledge.

John Ashe

John Ashe, was a former UN General Assembly President. He died from a heart attack; however, according to CNN, his throat had been crushed.


Ashe was about to begin trial for a bribery charge involving Chinese businessman Ng Lap Seng, of the 1996 “China-gate” scandal. It was reported that Seng had made illegal donations to Bill Clinton’s re-election. Ashe was reportedly going to testify about Hillary’s links to Seng; later the same day, he died.


Three high profile attorneys have been found dead in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Florida district in the last two weeks, prompting the plaintiff in the massive DNC fraud lawsuit being held in Florida to request protection from the court for the plaintiffs, their witnesses and their families.


While the DNC fraud lawsuit has been hit with a mainstream media blackout, the case continues to unravel the corruption at the heart of the Democratic National Committee, and with the discovery phase still to come, the skeletons in the DNC’s closet have never been closer to receiving a disinfecting dose of sunlight.



Jared Beck, attorney for the plaintiffs in the DNC fraud lawsuit taking place in Miami, uploaded a video Tuesday in which he thanked supporters for offering their “concerns, prayers and support” in the wake of recent disturbing murders.


After much consideration and deliberation we have decided it is time to bring these concerns to the court’s attention. Today we filed a motion to judge William Zloch, to issue an order providing for the protection of the plaintiffs and their families, as well as all potential witnesses in the DNC fraud lawsuit.”




“In support of this motion we have cited the following events: the untimely death of our process server, Shawn Lucas; the unsolved murder of DNC employee, Seth Rich. We believe Mr Rich might have been a potential witness in this case. We have also cited the recent untimely death of federal prosecutor Beranton Whisenant in South Florida. Also recent bizarre and disturbing conduct, including threats, that has been directed at plaintiffs, their counsel, and employees. And we have also cited an offer to provide security by the Oathkeepers, and its president Stuart Rose.


The motion published on the Beck’s website JamPAC included the declaration of a plaintiff in the suit, describing allegations that her laptop had been tampered with, allegedly by an individual who had illegally entered her home.


The huge class-action fraud lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee keeps getting weirder and it now involves the Capitol Police.


Today’s announcement comes after the Becks had reported receiving a creepy anonymous phone call from somebody using a voice changer. After a Google search the Becks found the caller ID number matched that of former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ Aventura office.


According to attorney Elizabeth Lee Beck: “At 4:54 p.m. today [June 1], an individual called our law office from ‘305-936-5724.'” That number is the contact phone number for Wasserman Schultz’s Aventura office in Florida.



“My secretary stated that it sounded like the caller was using a voice changer, because the voice sounded robotic and genderless — along the lines of the voice changers used when television show interviews are kept anonymous,” Beck continued. “The caller concluded with ‘Okey dokey,’ after my secretary gave the caller public information about the case. After the call ended, a simple Google search of the phone number ‘305-936-5724′ shows that it is the phone number for Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ Aventura office … What just occurred is highly irregular and we will be filing the instant e-mail with the court forthwith."


False Zion Delusions That Kill


By now most people know that Israel wants to fulfill prophecy by rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem and establishing the promise of New Jerusalem, marking the Bibical end times. Donald Trump, an apparent Zionist, helped that process along recently by moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Today, once again, blood was spillled needlessly due to this insane act based on Zion delusions.


Delusions you say? Yes indeed. You see, recent DNA evidence has confirmed long-held beliefs by many, that the majority of Jews now found in Israel are indeed Khazarians, who around 700AD, converted in masse to Judaism, not as an act of faith, but rather, to claim territory, having been kicked out of Russia for their criminal behavior.


Today, DNA science reveals that almost all the Jews in the world come from Khazaria. They are not of the blood lineage of Abraham and the prophets, but of King Bulan and the pagan peoples of the Caucasus. The ancestors of today's Jews are not Israelites but are Khazarians.”


About 10 to 12% of Jews in Israel do hail from the ancient tribes of Israel, with the remaining authentic Jews scattered to the winds long ago, most of whom reside in Europe.


So, the same scoundrels that got the boot for scamming people out of their money long ago in Russia, are today running the cabal of banking schemes controlling governments worldwide. This is verifiable fact.



And their leaders in Israel are all in on the Zion Delusion, building a one world religion, based in New Jerusalem, built on lies and fraud. And millions have died so far. And today in Gaza, they killed another 60 and wounded 2,700 so far. War is a necessary tool of Zion as another of their wicked goals is to depopulate the planet down to about 500 million people (from 7.5 billion). So, the eagerness to kill Palestinians, who have a valid basis to the land and the Temple, is fair play for these wicked fakes. Indeed, Palestine and their people are in your new testament Christians. So, check out who they are killing.


American neocons are all in on the New Jerusalem delusion as well, having long ago succumbed to the mind control of Zion. They believe in Armageddon, so its no wonder the scoundrels in Israel hire them to do their dirty work.


Remember my children, that all the earth must belong to Jews, and that Gentiles, being mere excrement of animals, must possess nothing.” - Mayer Amshel Rothschild 1812


Talk about your bigotry. Talk about mind control. Talk about a need to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BURNING CORPSES!


Iran is the last of the five nations that Netanyahoo chose for their American slaves to war with “in seven years.” So, what it’ll end up taking twenty years. The others being Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Libya.


And plans for Iran regime change are now underway in the corridors of DC/Zion mind control:” with news that the White House is planning out that very scenario as we speak.


Unless Trump backs away from delusion Zion and begins to see it for what it is, there is no way to save America. No matter what our role in such a coup. Karma is Karma. Golden rule if you will, Christians. Same thing. You decide what fate awaits you from your fellow man. Only you. America has no free ride. Bankrupt is bankrupt. And clinging to delusion and being controlled by criminals posing as descendants from Biblical Israel leaves us looking like the biggest fools in all of history.


Two actions would save this country:


  • Tell the criminals now running Israel to take a long walk off a short pier. End all support to Israel, politically and economically.

  • Sever ties with their Fed and begin printing money based on Gold.



The rest would work itself out in time. With pain. But we would survive. But not on this road.

Codename Toxic: George HW Bush



Sometimes the silver lining in a cloud just ends up just being a chemtrail;

fake, toxic and totally unnecessary.



When I think of George HW Bush, I think of the legacy that is decidedly dark, with few glimpses of anything approaching humane. In fact, the only thing that I can think of that I respect him for is parachuting from aircraft well into his senior years. At least the man isn’t a pussy, like so many neo-conman hawkish phonies.


Still, I did not start off, in my life, thinking of him so negatively. As VP for Reagan, he was a pragmatic risk that Reagan brought in knowing his warts in advance; Bush’s tendencies towards the views of the Bilderbergs and Trilateral Commission. Even so, Reagan added him because he came in 2nd place and nobody else was close, once Ford informed Reagan as his choice for “co-president.”


HW’s GOP big tent idea and his 1,000 points of light, in hindsight, now appear as darkened candles, long ago blown out, by the winds of fraud, theft, CIA dark ops and war. Not to mention his son’s false terror war and security/control legacy, which is a continuance of his dad’s toxicity.


The point of this article is not to paint a new biography. Others with historical agendas can do that with broad brush strokes, painting over the man’s obvious character issues and criminalities. The point here is to highlight the issues that stand out to me, of how this man tore apart this country’s legacy and character, and inserted a twisted, wicked agenda that has greatly harmed this nation.




Disclosure: I voted for Reagan and Bush, later, for Bill Clinton and still later, for Bob Dole. In subsequent years, I voted for W Bush twice, due to my erroneous belief in the lie of Sept 11th, which long ago was proven to be a Mossad, CIA/FBI op that covered up billions of fraud and acted as an excuse for never-ending wars and a national security apparatus to reign in the Bill of Rights.


I do have a wicked bias against the Bushes and I state that up front so you know where I stand. I totally resent what this family has done to our country. I also believe that I can never be clean after voting for their criminal enterprise thrice, once for poppy and twice for W. This is a part of my attempt to right some of that wrong.


For a long time now, I’ve been politically independent, although a democrat in my youth and a republican during my career years. I am now a vocal, non-partisan near retiree, who no longer tilts at political party windmills nor beats war drums for illusory dreams of empire.


I am a patriot who loves his country but hates what “they’ve” done to it. “They” are the ruling cabal of Illuminati, Trilateral Commission and The Bilderbergs, just so we’re clear. Their political tools are found on both sides of the aisle at witnessed by the Clintons and the Bushes. Don’t even get me started on the Clintons.


Swimming With Pigs


The first mention that I know of finds George HW Bush working covertly on a CIA team that was running the Bay of Pigs op in Cuba.


While officially not on the books, few CIA agents are. But we do know that daddy Prescott and his buddies Harriman, the Brown brothers were Skull and Bones and “viewed those parts of the state … dealing with intelligence and covert operations as their own very special property… For George Bush to interface with the intel community, while ostensibly engaged in his business career would be coherent with that well-established pattern.” 1


HW had always denied being CIA prior to his appointment as Director by then President Ford. But we have since learned that this too was just another lie, Bush maintained a close personal and business relationship for decades with a CIA staff employee who, according to those CIA documents, was instrumental in the establishment of Bush’s oil venture, Zapata, in the early 1950s, and who would later accompany Bush to Vietnam as a “cleared and witting commercial asset” of the agency.” 2


Indeed, Zapata Oil was a CIA front company, co-owned by a covert CIA operator and HW Bush. Somehow, we’re led to believe that this man with CIA connections, and co-owner with the CIA in an oil drilling company, was not in any way employed with the agency. Uh, okay George, if you think that we’re stupid, which apparently you did.


In the 50’s and 60’s, George would take control of Zapata Oil and his drilling operations in the Caribbean extended out from Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to within 40 miles from Cuba.


George expanded the now “Zapata offshore company globally and soon set up shop with his dad’s friends the Harrimans’ and Dresser Industries.


During the Bay of Pigs, and later, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Bush allowed his oil rigs near Cuba, to be used as listening outposts for CIA. 3


While Bush was swimming with pigs, while denying that he was a pig, it is telling that the CIA’s secret name for that op was “Operation Zapata.” 4


In Dallas or not In Dallas


Many have authored books and articles on the subject, espoused theories and even written full length documentaries and movies; but to date, nobody did the same research that Russ Baker did on the Bush Family aspect of the JFK assassination. Because Russ’ work applies to this article, it will largely be referenced here.


George HW Bush was working covertly for the CIA in 1963, in Dallas TX, the day that John F Kennedy was assassinated. But again, his response to being in Dallas was a lie and an attempted cover-up.


Apparently J Edgar Hoover wrote a memo about George Bush being informed on the JFK thing, which apparently the Warren Commission had access to, but was later classified and only recently declassified.


As the story goes, when Russ Baker inquired about this through proper channels, Bush first denied it saying that it must be another George Bush at CIA. HW first claimed that he was “somewhere in Texas” on Nov 22nd, 1963, but later changed his story more than once. 5


Again with the lies.


But upon further checking, the other George Bush who worked at CIA was a lowly clerk who would not have had access to a call from J Edgar, much less had been quoted on it. But a boy from the Prescott Bush / Harriman/Brown Skull & Bones Club? You bet. He was photographed being there and looking all agent-like. 6


Link here:


Anyways, for anyone wanting to read Russ Baker’s account of that story see the footnote #5 referenced above.


What was Bush’s job on the Dallas/JFK CIA team? We may never know until those redacted CIA documents are allowed to breath some truth into the matter. We don’t want any more Vegas shootings or 911’s, so we’ll just have to wait until after the guilty are buried to know the final truth. God, as it is, already knows.


There are a multitude of other Bush sins that we can prove, so we’ll get on to those.


Director Bush - CIA


HW is largely hailed as getting the CIA back to its mission and improving morale after the Church Commission findings and Seymour Hersh’s disclosure of “The Family Jewels” that largely left the impression that CIA was an out-of-control monster. Ironically, it was Bush who helped to change that reputation of his former employer. Of course, most Americans at that time knew nothing about Bush or the monster lurking inside.


George H.W. Bush’s tenure as Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) marked a turning point for the Agency as it came out of a period of great controversy. He is credited with restoring focus and boosting morale, and he remains one of the most beloved directors in the Agency’s history.” -


VP “Consolation Prize”


The years as VP are significant for Bush as they saw him morph from a relative non-deserving CIA Director to 2nd in command of the US Armed Forces. His work in the October surprise and director of the Iran-Contra exchange of hostages for drug money, helped earn him kudos with Reagan, who put him to work in covert operations; a favorite area of Bush’s.


His former CIA directorship gave him legions of fans among that group. Before long, Bush was heading up a group called Pegasus in covert ops around the world, which included assassinations to economic pressure to wars. 6


Former agent “Chip” Tatum reveals much more about Team Pegasus and throughout it all, Poppy Bush was in the middle of it, from recovering US assets left behind by The Shah of Iran to narcotics trafficking.


We also learn from the Pegasus file that Ollie North was Bush’s guy and narcotics trafficking was his game. Interestingly, another soon to be President was also an important part of the Bush/North narcotics for cash scam: Governor Bill Clinton. The remote airfield at Mena, Arkansas, was an asset for CIA’s drug imports into the US market.


Bush also ordered Tatum to take out Ross Perot to which he refused. Opting instead to send a warning letter to Perot, which can be read here: 


Bush was busy during his eight years as VP, what with the Iranians causing trouble in the middle east to the Contras uprising to arming guys like Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. But it’s interesting that the word assassination keeps popping up for poppy.


Turns out that Reagan’s would-be-assassin John Hinckley, Jr has a connection to the Bush family. Poppy and John Hinckley Sr were ol buds from the oil wild-catting days. Turns out that Scott Hinckley, Jr’s brother, was also due to have dinner with Neil Bush the night following the Reagan shooting. 7



Alexander Haig may not have been the only one in that administration in a hurry to be in charge.



President of the “New World Order”


No amount of VP bush-league bravado can stand up next to his one term presidency. He made the best of those four short years. Truth be told, many in the CIA considered him president all through the Clinton years and into the W years. Easy to understand once you consider the closeness between Bush and Clinton that blossomed during the drug import years. Surely, Bush Jr must’ve loved that stuff too. sniff*


But first, the 4 short years.


It is true that he accomplished a few things. Three, to be exact. 1) The ADA Bill was signed, giving a much needed bill of rights to Americans with Disabilities. 2) We went from a great economy to one with higher taxes and a more regulated economy, thanks to Bush’s bailing out his crooked son Neil, in the Silverado S&L crisis, so naturally we segued into recession.

3) We fought a war for oil in Kuwait against former Bush protégé, Saddam Hussein, giving us a legacy to fight another war years later with his son, based on another Bush lie. After Bush won, he declared it a new World Order, with him in charge, followed closely, I’m sure, by Alexander Haig.


Those were the days my friend.


Watching bombs being lobbed live on CNN. Oh the drama of 24/7 War TV. Nobody then knew that they’d soon be watching and recording everything that we watched, and mind controlling us with subliminal messaging through our government-mandated digital TVs. Thanks to another Bush. And his CIA buddy, Obama.



Project Hammer


While still “president” in the minds of CIA, and with his fellow druggie Bill Clinton in the White House, Poppy began funding and planning Project Hammer, a financial scam aimed at bringing down the Russian economy and looting its central bank.


Commonly referred to as “The Great Ruble Scam,” Pegasus CIA team Bush ran this scam focused on Russian Oil & Gas companies during the Yeltsin years that culminated in the 1998 Financial Crash of Russia.


The financial instrument used for the op was the Hammer Fund, which was investigated by ONI (Naval Intel)\, who moved into the recently renovated outer ring of the Pentagon, just before Sept 11th 2001. Thirty nine of the forty investigators looking into the Hammer Fund were killed that day. Unbelievably, many of the passengers on Flight 77 were Pentagon Black ops that held top security clearance at the Pentagon.


Imagine the luck for team Bush. What with W teaching those kids to read that day in school, and being the multi-tasking, talented guy that he was, he could teach and lead black ops projects at the same time.


And as luck upon luck would have it, Project Hammer’s 10 year security note of $240 billion, expired on Sept 12th 2001. 8


And you thought that you knew the Bush family. Why I hear that there’s even a revival in popularity among neo-cons who miss their favorite native son.


I’m sure that there’s much more that we’ll learn about the dark legacy of HW and his son W, but so far we’re off to such a good start. It seems like only yesterday he was helping to kill JFK.





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2.Russ Baker: CIA Helped Bush Senior in Oil Venture:



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4. GW University: National Security Archive: The Ultrasensitive Bay of Pigs:


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Black Op 911; Project Hammer and 2 Generations of Guilt Bushes

EMP Attack Report


The linked report outlining the dangers and consequences of an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack on our electrical grid is quite ugly. The timing of this government report is curious, given the dire warnings in alternative media of another impending attack by the usual suspects; the biggest terrorists in the world: Mossad, CIA and FBI.


The Mossad-linked, CIA/FBI hit job on MGM Resorts in Las Vegas  was likely a warning to Donald Trump about information that he was threatening to release to the American public. So, it was likely the international cabal’s attempt to silence the president. 


In our last story on the Vegas attack, Las Vegas Attack we learned that an Anon, claimed to be on team Trump (there was no Qanon at this time), came out on the 4Chan board and said that the cabal was afraid “not of what Trump would do as president, rather, what he would tell the American public.” And, he said that this was a reason for the Vegas attack. On the same 4Chan board, it was a poster named John, who warned of the event, and claimed that a well-known politician and a billionaire would benefit from the event. How the white house was tipped off prior to the shooting is unknown, likely through one of our honest intel agencies.


But the cabal, their “secret” structure, their various organizations and political tools have been public knowledge for quite some time now.


Until now, the actual knowledge of the Illuminati, their meetings and membership is something of a mystery only found on web sites like, where in time, organizations like the Bilderbergs and the Trilateral Commission, along with research into the Rothchilds, Rockefellers and other bankers was pieced together to tell the the quiet (though public) facts about this mysterious group. Even so, most of the public has been told that the Illuminati is conspiracy theory by the power brokers who are linked to them, like the CIA and their proxy, the MSM.


The bankers that make up the Illuminati, are used to playing behind the scenes, pulling the strings of those political leaders throughout the world. Creating economic chaos, recessions, depressions, controlling the money supply, creating debt structures and creating the levels of financial slavery throughout the world.


Most people would be shocked to learn that slavery exists in the world and that they themselves, are actually slaves, to the real powers in the world.


The bankers have created the tensions that caused every war for the past several hundred years. They are death merchants and slave traders, using money as the ultimate weapon, against every nation in the world. Nation states that didn’t go along with their system, were financially disrupted, leaders killed and more.


JFK tried to remove the bankers control of money in the US and was assassinated, in part, due to this effort. They have assassinated countless other leaders, or waged wars against them when their assassination agents failed to kill them.


More recently, countries have been leaving the Matrix, like Iceland and Hungary, to print their own money. Time will soon tell the fate of these efforts and of their leaders. Russia and China have left the petro dollar. China is now using their own currency to buy for their fuel needs from the world market and Russia has threatened to use the China dollar for their own as well.


So, it is not surprising, to those in the know, that they would disrupt Trump’s agenda through investigations threatening impeachment and attacks on our infrastructure and our people.



The banksters are changing how they do business as they see an emerging trend that will eventually lead to the destruction of the US dollar on the world markets. The IMF has already created an alternative commercial dollar for use in private two nation transactions but most believe the future of money is in bit-coins. The banksters now have hoarded tens of billions worth of bit-coins. Whatever happens in the financial world, will be controlled by this cabal unless all nations, or the majority of them, throw the scoundrels out.


Regardless of how this shakes out, the USA will likely be forced to accept a very different financial reality going forward. The only reason that the US has been able to keep printing money with no negative effect on the dollar’s worth, is because it was the reserve currency of the world (petro dollar). When that ceases to be the case, the US will no longer be able to spend anywhere near the same amount of money on social programs like Medicare and social security the way that they’ve been doing it. Which means, they’d actually have to stop robbing the funds that we pay into and work within a strict budget with much lower debt.


It also means that we could no longer afford to be the policeman of the world, bringing home hundreds of thousands of troops, creating a huge surplus of unemployed workers in a new climate of financial chaos created by the new value of the dollar.


All of this, and more, would cause an economic depression, loss of jobs, homelessness, starvation and more, which is exactly what this very sick cabal actually has had planned for the world for generations now. See the depopulation tab on our site for more information.


You should also know that many in our own government, have been keenly aware of all of these facts throughout our lifetimes, and many of them have been working with the cabal to create the circumstances that have led us here. This isn’t a partisan issue, as political dogs from both sides of the kennel are guilty.


To name a few: every politician with the last name of Bush, also Clinton, LBJ, Carter, Ford, Nixon, etc. You get the idea. Our leaders long ago betrayed us, some more eagerly than others. George HW Bush proudly heralded in the “New World Order” after beating Saddam Hussein in Iraq, so much as admitting that he was part of the cabal, which he was.


Anyways, this quiet group with the ambitions of world control, slavery and depopulation are quite fearful because their candidate, bought and paid for, Hillary Clinton, lost the election to Donald Trump. Trump promised in the election that he’d take back control of America again from the nameless, faceless mob that currently runs the country. He put a target on his back, and one on ours as well, just like JFK did.


The Las Vegas attack occurred shortly after President Trump signed an executive order authorizing release of the JFK assassination records. CIA, along with the FBI, who are likely the most threatened by the unredacted release of such records, were both involved with the Vegas attack.


The CIA partnered aircraft vendor for the Vegas area was used for the helicopter transport of the agency’s shooter team. The FBI’s job was to bumble the investigation after the fact and to create a media spin around fall guy Stephen Paddock, CIA operative who is still among the living, having successfully faked his own death, along with his handlers.


Mossad’s involvement was in getting the weapons from Israel to Vegas, which they screwed up due to a delay reportedly “caused by mechanical problems” with the plane which held it up for two weeks. However, that story is likely phony due to the presence of Russian Oligarchs at the airport with CIA agents seen at the plane while in Israel.


According to the documents uncovered at the mega-download web site, the black op failed miserably, because its now known that thousands were supposed to have been killed. That’s why there were multiple shooters who fanned out around the area in several other casinos, along with shooters on the rooftops and shooters in helicopters.


Trump is reported to have gotten wind of the op and had military in Vegas to disrupt the event. They couldn’t stop the entire killing, but the disruption caused the op team to stop shooting when they did.


Having failed, and still needing to control Trump’s message to the people, the cabal, and their deep state international players, are still aggressively harassing the president with Mueller’s investigation, sending false information to the white house, resulting in missiles being fired in Syria, and likely, much more unreported.


Trump did cede to the agencies insistence that certain redactions stay in place and the JFK docs have since been released as such. We may never have full disclosure from these criminals.


There is a war going on behind the scenes that has been reported by the corrupt MSM as haphazard and separate events, when in fact, they are linked.


QAnon has actually been mapping out a much larger map of events tied into this same war, including the take down of international pedophilia rings, bringing legal charges against Comey, McCabe, Hillary Clinton and others.


It is indeed a war, and if you love your country, you better hope that President Trump’s team wins. As imperfect as he is, he is apparently, a patriot. And for that reason alone, he deserves our support during this fight. The other fights can again be waged after the big one ends. Because, if we lose this one, as a nation, we are doomed.


Which leads me to my final point for now.


Recently, the Report Of The Commission To Assess The Threat To The United States From Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack was recently released (part one of four parts). The reports will outline the dangers inherent and the results likely to occur from such an attack. Such an attack could kill millions of people and create such devastation that would likely result in no electricity for at least one year. Hospitals, private homes, businesses, everything would be affected. House fires would be commonplace as electrical sparks from pulses would cause fires daily.


Why is the government studying this issue now? Obviously, we live in a dangerous world but our deep state and their tools in political positions have created many enemies for us around the globe. But chances are, most of those threats could not gain access to cause such an event. It is much more likely indeed, that the same players who are responsible for Sept. 11th, the Oklahoma City Bombings, the Vegas attacks and many more of our modern day terror events, would likely be the same actors to cause an EMP attack.


I believe such an event would come in the form of a false flag attack blaming Russia, complete with the manufacturing of evidence just like the Syria attacks. But since they cannot successfully manage world events, or political events, to cause such an outcome, the MOAB false flags may be in the works. These are sick, twisted bastards capable of the darkest events in history. They've already perpetrated many such events.


Crazy? Everything is crazy until it happens. Then its still crazy, but it also becomes reality. You don’t have much more time to open your eyes prior to the end, unless, true patriots can stop it. Much more likely, they’re trying to manage the outcome and trying to minimize the effects of said event. Just like Vegas.

Sept 11th Update - New Information - The 100% Horrible truth

Hang the Bushes

Kiriakou on CIA Torture & Gina Haspel's Fitness for Office

Bitch on Steroids!

CIA/ISIS White Helmets Lied, Trump Lied - No Chemical Attack Evidence - What next, neo CONS?



By John Friend


More evidence and eyewitness testimony has been presented regarding the alleged “chemical attack” purportedly carried out by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government in early April demonstrating that the entire narrative—concocted largely by the Syrian “White Helmets” and other forces hostile to the Syrian government—was and remains fake news designed to justify Western military intervention in the region.



You Can't Get The Genie Back in the Bottle

Don Henley

BOMBSHELL: CIA Whistleblower Has Come Forth Detailing Attempted Deep State Coup Against Trump

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says what is going on with Donald J. Trump “is an ongoing coup to remove a duly elected President.” Shipp contends, “This is a huge constitutional crisis like the country has never seen before. This makes Watergate look like a Sunday school class.”

On Friday, Shipp and other retired top officials at the CIA, FBI, DOJ and NSA held a press conference and demanded Attorney General Jeff Sessions prosecute top Obama era officials for obvious crimes against the incoming Trump Administration. Shipp says, “We have a coup within our government right now at the senior levels at the CIA, DOJ and the FBI attempting to unseat a duly elected President who was elected by the American people and remove him from office.


Greg Hunter's Story Continues Here

Must Watch Video - If you read nothing else here, please see this video!

Live Free Or Die!


Some fates are much worse than death.

I accept my fate.




Powerful Orgonite - Answer to Poisonous Radiation

Police Predator Drone Use Against Civilian North of Jacksonville, Florida

Good evening. It's a beautful evening here on Amelia Island north of Jacksonville.


As I sat getting caught up on the latest news I got zapped by a directed energy beam - in my left ear, that contained high heat radiation. I know this due to the searing pain and the heat eminating from the area around my left ear.


I minute or so later, I walked outside to cool off and to turn the lawn sprinklers on, and I noticed two predator drones flying by to the east, aided by a pilot plane.


To give a bit of background, this has been going on now for about a year. But lately they've gotten bold or reckless, allowing me to see them and make a clean identification of what kind of aireal vehicle it was.


No doubt to me that the guilty parties are Navy Intel aiding the local Florida State Police in their ongoing harassment campaign against me. If you'd like to hear more about Florida State Police harassment of people that they target, please search Karen Melton-Stewart and Myron May, just for a few. Add me to that list. They are truly jack-booted thugs that value the freedoms of tax-paying citizens to a 0.


In the past year, I have put up with non-stop harassment of these parties. If you are a lawyer reading this, please email me at xffu.889 at yahoo dot com. I want to sue. I will not respond to anything else. If you are a lawyer, please leave case names of civil rights cases that you've won against the US Government and/or Florida State Gov. Class action may be possible as there are likely many other parties.


Here is a summary of their offenses:


> Invasion of privacy; repeated violations of my 4th amendment rights

> Invasion of my freedom of speech; first amendment rights

> Character assasination and gangstalking in my community and at work

> Loss of employment due to non-stop harassment

> Microwave weapon use on my genitals, stomach, intestines and my head

> Hi Energy weapon usage on my entire body

> Mind control implant in my brain

>  Nightly manipulation of my thoughts and harm to my body via their brain control device

Karen Stewart's Update on DEW Attacks

The Secret Circle That Controls Governments: Exposing the Trilateral Commission

Complete Article Here


The conversation was public knowledge at the time.

Anyone who was anyone in Washington politics, in media, in think-tanks, had access to it. Understood its meaning.

But no one shouted from the rooftops. No one used the conversation to force a scandal. No one protested loudly.

The conversation revealed that the entire basis of the US Constitution had been torpedoed, that the people who were running US national policy (which includes trade treaties) were agents of an elite shadow group. No question about it.

And yet: official silence. Media silence. The Dept. of Justice made no moves, Congress undertook no serious inquiries, and the President, Jimmy Carter, issued no statements.

He had been plucked from obscurity by David Rockefeller, and through elite TC press connections, vaulted into the spotlight as a pre-eminent choice for the Presidency.

The following 1978 conversation featured reporter, Jeremiah Novak, and two Trilateral Commission members, Karl Kaiser and Richard Cooper. The interview took up the issue of who exactly, during President Carter’s administration, was formulating US economic and political policy.

The careless and off-hand attitude of Trilateralists Kaiser and Cooper is astonishing. It’s as if they’re saying, “What we’re revealing is already out in the open, it’s too late to do anything about it, why are you so worked up, we’ve already won…”


Wireless Devices Aid NWO in Depopulation Goals

Reuters Story



Pregnant women exposed to high radiation levels from sources like cell phones, wireless devices and cell towers miscarried at nearly three times the rate as those exposed to low levels, according to new research. “I hope this study makes us rethink the notion that magnetic field non-ionizing radiation exposure is safe or has no health risk,” said lead author Dr. De-Kun Li. 



The Survelliance State - When Tyranny Comes Home

by Christopher Coyne

2030 Agenda - No Privacy, No Civil Rights, Utopia

Looks like they're right on schedule.

Arise and Be Heard

Rather than getting depressed about the non-stop fake news and bs from the jokers on the right and the clowns to the left, empower yourself and rise from among it.


“Bang your head against the wall but apathy is worse.” - Don Henley’s now famous line from Inside Job, reminds us that we have a choice to give up and become their slave or “It’s an Inside Job, to know about forgiveness.” Rise up and move on.


So what, if many of our leaders; politicians, community leaders, merchants, law enforcement and pastors choose to live within the false matrix of consumerism and debt. So what? Does that mean that you, too, must live the same way? Do you really want to be a slave?


There are many out there striking out in ways not seen from previous generations; from Tiny Houses set up by millenials locked out of insane real estate prices to entrepreneurs seeking funding via crowd-funding; the spirit of “red pills” and freedom are indeed alive and well.


This fact inspires me to believe that the agenda of the UN and the NWO will ultimately fail as people are taking back their own lives and refusing to fall for the false choices.


Globalism is failing worldwide as national pride is rearing its beautiful head and biting them in the butt. Try as they may to paint these beautiful colors black, by referring to nationalism as fascism, free thinking people see it for what it is; a sick agenda by a corrupt state and corporate media, used to getting their way with their desire to control our lives.


But there is a HUGE need to wake up the sleeping masses, who walk around with heads bowed down staring zombie-eyed into their facebook and texts; sleep-walking through their lives.


Due to their unenlightened state, the masses know little about what Agenda 21 is all about. They know little about chemtrails, false flags, the real cause of terrorism, even that they are under constant surveillance or why lost freedoms were sacred and that they should care.




Members of the media who are on our side. It is time to DISOBEY your marching orders. Take your red pills and plan your exit from the matrix. But slice a whole in the fake facade on your way out the door.


Pastors and priests who know the real truth about their religion, TELL THE TRUTH and what it really means to be a Christian fully informed about the real Jesus. Stop preaching the corporate line and establishing fear-based religion. Tell the masses the truth.


Politicians who’ve made mistakes, tell people why you’re really resigning and what it means to be free from the cage that you put yourself in. Candidates running for office, stand up for freedom and fight for it in office or WE THE PEOPLE will remove you.


Law Enforcement Officers who are sick of enforcing the sick agenda, time for you too to take a stand for real justice. Your profession has morphed from criminal justice to criminal. Time to create justice again! One justice system, not two. The elites suffer the same consequences for hurting others that we all do.


School Teachers – teach the truth. Show the students the lies in the books. Instead, risk it all for the sake of change. Take you red pills and pass them out to other teachers too.


Employees at soul sucking companies – go on strike and demand your soul back. Stand up for what you’re company is doing wrong. Publicize it with letters to the editor, with picket lines, with online blogging and comments.



...everybody, the time for change has come.



It is time to see beneath the very fake veil.



It is NOT time to make America great again, if our greatness comes at the expense of others, their freedoms and their natural resources. It may be time to sip the tea from an enlightened version of the Tea Party, where all are truly welcome, regardless of skin color or class in life.


These awakenings are coming in waves and they exist for a reason. So, its not to be expected to get it right the first time. Perhaps some had their heart in the right place and the movement got hijacked. Keep trying.


John Whitefield, from The Rutherford Institute coined the expression, "Let's Make America Free Again." I think John is on the to correct theme there, because that sums up what we've lost and what our fight is all about. So, we keep trying until we gt it right. Don't give up and don't allow them to divide us. 


Most of them are likely mind controlled anyway and some others who fight against us publicly, hope privately that we win. We need to understand who we are, why we fight and that divisions do NOT matter. I would rather have a real freedom lover who has some kind of skin color other than mine than a fake whose skin is ivory white, any day of the week. We must agree on the basic stuff. Not group think but freedom loving individuals.


And we need to keep our enemy close and understand who he is:


Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what is so insane about it." - John Lennon


Our leaders are trying to start world war III for some insane dream of Zionism. Trump is a true believer, which is why he moved the embassy to Jerusalem. The Bible says that Armageddon occurs in the highlands of Syria. The neo-cons are trying their level best to create a Russian response that brings about that very scenario.


They are totally nuts.


We can beat the UN Agenda 21 nuts if we don’t lose our lives and our country before we have a chance to try.


Do you care? Then break free from your cages and let yourself be heard. The blue pill’s effects will hurt as it leaves your life but freedom is sweet. Not aligning yourself to the wishes of any group thinkers and speaking your own mind from your own heart will create in you a passion for life that you’ve never felt.


So what if your initial audience is small. The guy playing a guitar on the stage likely began playing for quarters at the subway.



The time is now to act.

Thomas Drake, NSA Whistleblower

Hi-Tech War Crime Report


Above links to pdf report from Universal Aspects Multimedia regarding the use of high tech weaponry by the USA against their own people. Thoroughly detailed and documented, dated April 2018, this report is submitted to congress and President Trump.

Off The Grid w Jesse Ventura

Clapper Allegedly Broke The Law For A Job @ CNN

Buried within a newly declassified congressional report on Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections is a shocking revelation: former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper not only leaked information about the infamous Steele dossier and high-level government briefings about it to CNN, he also may have lied to Congress about the matter.


In one of the findings within the 253-page report, the House intelligence committee wrote that Clapper leaked details of a dossier briefing given to then-President-elect Donald Trump and (sic) to CNN’s Jake Tapper, lied to Congress about the leak, and was rewarded with a CNN contract a few months later.



Where they go one. They go all...

Inside Job

United Sadism of America

Western culture is clearly obsessed with rules, guilt, submissiveness and punishment.


By now it is clear that the West is the least free society on Earth. In North America and Europe, almost everyone is under constant scrutiny: people are spied on, observed, their personal information is being continually extracted, and the surveillance cameras are used indiscriminately.


Life is synchronized and managed. There are hardly any surprises.




Rebellion is not only discouraged, it is fought against, brutally. For the tiniest misdemeanors or errors, people end up behind bars. As a result, the U.S. has more prisoners per capita than any other country on Earth, except the Seychelles.


And as a further result, almost all conversations, but especially public discourses, are now being controlled by so-called ‘political correctness’ and its variants.


Continue story here

TI's, you can beat this! Here's how:

Do you want to keep your sane, wonderful mind, your own thoughts, your own memories, your own dreams and your own soul??? I sure hope so.


There is only one route to that admired end goal of yours. Listen VERY carefully. Again, only one route.


Veer off the path and ruin awaits you.


Like the turtle, you can walk, swim, eat, reproduce and enjoy a beautiful life. Also like the turtle, you will need a powerful, strong suit of armor to defend against rat snakes. Use it wisely. 


Do these things and do them now and do them often:


  • Go find an abiding faith in God that is real. Churches don’t matter, in fact, its better if you make a Temple around your mind and heart that centers on the one true God energy/spirit. Most if not all of the organized religions include myth and false stories. All that is important is that you believe and pray to the one true God.

  • Pray and meditate and BELIEVE in His existence. The spirit is male and female. Talk to God in emotion-based prayer, which may include many tears, anger, shouting, whispering, talking, silence, listening and walking in His creation so you can hear the Voice of God. Learn how He speaks through and in among His creation. Note that the Temple that you built is where-ever you and He walk.

  • Take your new-found faith into your life and work. Find time during the working day to pray in appropriate ways at work without interrupting others around you.

  • Listen to uplifting music. Lose the hate-filled, blues filled, sad songs.

  • Be your own best friend but include others in your life.

  • Do NOT dwell or speak of being a Targeted Individual to others as they will doubt your sanity. They mean well but unless someone has been through what we know to be real, others will not believe it.

  • Detox your body. Detox programs differ – the one I did detoxed everything at once except the kidneys, that was a separate regimen that I completed after the first phase was over. Do it for one month. NO booze, No drugs, Clean up, that’s the point. Start an alkaline-based diet.

  • Stay clean and eat healthily.

  • Clean your skin regularly with Epsom Salts. The salts are strong so do not overdo this. 

  • Roll up your windows and minimize time spent outdoors if/when they are spraying chem-trails as the metals in those aerosol mists are harmful to you.

  • Socialize and keep your friends close no matter what the gang-stalkers do or say. Picture the gang-stalkers naked, complete with the smallest imaginable penis’ and vaginas that are sideways and awkward. LAUGH back at them.

  • When they meet you while you’re alone, engage them and ask them "why they are brown-nosers for money? Why don't you ask for a raise? If I was going to sell my soul, I bet I'd get more money than you." Take back your power. Believe when I say, they can’t handle this…

  • When you awake in the morning, recite three treasured memories of yours.

  • Protect yourself with devices that minimize the ten cent voodoo that they throw at you. In phase two, there are energy weapons, microwave weapons that burn and more. There are defenses. Faraday cages, Qu-wave devices, and more. Research this and look at the various sites listed here on our front page.

  • Do not talk to police, fire and rescue or any government officials about anything, They are instructed to NOT help you. You are on a journey of SELF defense and you will get VERY strong and you will survive. But leave government out of it. They are at the root of it and they are completely corrupted. Health centers should also NOT be told what is happening to you. They will fill out reports that Big Brother puts into your database file for their review.

  • Be your own best friend. Hug yourself daily.

  • Minimize watching TV as subliminal messaging is happening. Buy books and read.

  • Avoid spending too much time on computers, tablets or your smart phone. It is all tapped and you are being listened to, analyzed and recorded so they can use your information against you. You will also need to get accessories for them that limit the radiation exposure to them.

  • Learn about scalar energy and how to use scalar devices to your advantage.



That’s it. May you grow strong and secure and beat the rat snakes at their own game. Oh, by the way, you know what rat snakes eat? Rats.


And you know what we are? Turtle Individuals. TI's. Why should we allow them to name us? And remember, slow but steady wins the race.



So stay away from rat snakes and take back your life, you damn turtle you!

See, I just made you laugh. :)  

brown-nosed police-state pawn


That which you do in the dead of the night

covertly performed beyond social sight

steathily with invisible weapons drawn

brown-nosed police-state pawn

you add anew to our country's blight

illogic & immoral no sense of what's right


You say you're with the red, white & blue

but you're the judge, jury & executioner too

harming innocents wherever you roam

while on the road or close to home

soon the sum of all fears will be due

what then, will be left of you?

Welcome to Wide Open People!

Usually a positive guy, the content on the site is decidely sinister, but as you will see, it is very necessary to get this information out to the public. Others have done the same, from whistleblowers to activists, but the more this truth is spread, the better our chances of survival. The media won't touch it.


As those of us who are Targeted Individuals (many being attacked daily by dark parties within our government) need to know what is going on, who the perps are and why they are doing it. Otherwise, the disinformation put out by those in deep state, will indeed convince these GOOD PEOPLE, that they are crazy - when such is FAR from the truth. Care about the truth? Take a journey through these pages and LEARN.


Be forewarned, if you believe that more government is the answer to our assorted issues, reading these pages may indeed leave you VERY disillusioned about your philosophy. The alphabet agencies are indeed mafias aligning themselves with very dark elements in our society. They have truly lost their way.


Wide Open People is for open-minded people and for those who've been targeted by their government. It tells the facts of the who, what and why of Targeted Individuals. We also have solutions for those who are suffering from this outrageous evil, thrust upon them by governments, who want to depopulate the planet to give the earth a more "sustainable" future. 


So if you're a TI (as am I), the above tabs will segment the basic info for you; with some other facts found on this front page as well. Thanks for stopping by and may God Bless you and yours. There are solutions to your problems online.


Some other resources for you:



Freedom SOS


Gang-stalking, Mind Control & Cults


Declassified Documents


Citizens Against Harmful Technology


TI Counter Measures




This site is full of links to other sources, some of which costs money. We have no affiliation with any of these companies, web sites or services. Neither do we make any money from them. This site was put together as a service to TI's and their loved ones.


 "Our vaunted western free press may be a mile wide. 

But its only an inch deep."


~ Daniel Hopsicker


Why have you been targeted?

Targeted by Fascists

There's really no easy way to say it other than to come right out with have been reported to the FBI by someone as "dangerous."


Likely far from the truth, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people put on lists in the USA, and internationally, who are completely innocent.


In my case, I know who did this to me. Someone with access (or who worked for) Infragard in Cleveland. Anyone can do it to anyone and the system is set up against us. Read more about that in the Infragard Abuses segment above.


Here's the problem: The FBI takes the complaint ( or lead) and decides that they can't, or won't investigate it. So, they kneejerk with their response by putting you on a list in case it turns out to be true. They also report it to Infragard, their American Stasi, to harass, stalk and intercept the subject in all aspects of their daily life. As in any case of constitutional abuse, it us unseen and not taken seriously until it is proven.


The FBI has admitted that Targeted Individuals are put on a terrorist watch list; with no investigation, no due process, nothing - thereby stripping you of your civil rights and effectively throwing away the US Constitution. That former law of the land forbids the Federal Government from assuming powers not granted to them expressly by the constitution.


The Patriot Act gave government an unchecked hand and that act must be destroyed or it will destroy this country - hopefully its not too late.


If you're a TI, you're far from alone. But you need to learn what is going on to you and what to expect. You need to understand their technologies that are being utilized against you. You need to create a plan of action: options from which may include a lawsuit, cleansing your body and mind, finding out how to protect yourself and keeping a support network in your life. Do NOT allow them to isolate you.


There are many links and bread crumbs sprinkled throughout this site to help you on your journey. The US Government is in the process of morphing into its economic and moral demise and changing from a democratic republic to a totalitarian regime, which will ultimately fail and lead to its end - unless the mad ones are stopped. Infragard has been given orders to "shoot to kill" any "subversives" after we declare Marshall law in the event of a domestic war, nuclear attack, economic or societal collapse.


Let's Make America Free Again!

John Whitehead - Rutherford Institute

The Testimony of Whistleblowers, Experts and Victims

Follow this link to see those videos are hear those statements.

Thugocracy: Vigilante Feds/Police Stalk & Terrorize Innocent Americans

"Multi-agency fusion center- directed, police-protected community “policing” thugs stalk, terrorize, home-invade their targets — including the journalist who has exposed the electromagnetic microwave radio frequency cellular “torture towers” being used to silently assault, torture, impair and harm extrajudicially “targeted individuals.”


Article Link Here

Thesis: How Nanoparticles Harm Us When Combined With Radiation

Summary of Hypothesis


Fibres or particles of fibre glass, asbestos, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide or similar insoluble crystalline structures vibrate in situ, when subjected to various frequencies of EM radiation, causing them to behave as “Nano Blenders”.


When these particles are within the body, the injury to the surrounding cell structures by the homogenizing of their adjacent material provides a medium for overgrowth of various pre-curser elements of cancers and other diseases.


Access thesis here


The speculated sensitivity of the fibres/particles to vibration/spin/rotation induced byelectromagnetic fields seems to induce a polarity particularly in the asbestos fibre. This seems to be evident when one examines some classical images for partial or complete farraginous bodies, which form around asbestos fibres…

The Four Horsemen Are Coming

“The Seven Social Sins"

Wealth without work.
Pleasure without conscience.
Knowledge without character.
Commerce without morality.
Science without humanity.
Worship without sacrifice.
Politics without principle.

- Frederick Lewis Donaldson

Nazi World Government - Spraying Nanobots in Chemtrails

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. In their totality and in their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which demands the solidarity of all peoples. But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap about which we have already warned namely mistaking systems for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.


"The First Global Revolution”, A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider 1991.

Science Channel - Microwave Use In Mind Control

FBI’s National Security Letters Are a Tool of Police State Tyranny

It’s hard to imagine a more apt symbol of the rise of the surveillance state and death of any semblance of privacy, due process, or liberty itself in the wake of 9-11 than the growing number of national security letters (NSLs) that have been issued.


NSLs are subpoenas issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to essentially anyone on whom they want to gather information. They are warrantless and secretive and come with an automatic gag order—if you receive one, you aren’t allowed to tell anyone at all about it.

They are issued by the thousands each year to banks, Internet and telephone companies, and anyone else the FBI chooses to serve them to. In 2004 alone, the FBI handed out a staggering 56,507 NSLs, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a government watchdog group. Over 300,000 were issued in the past 10 years.


Complete Story Here


Targeted Individuals 101

Freedom From Within

“The real tragedy of our time lies not so much in the unprecedented external events themselves as in the unprecedented ethical destitution and spiritual infirmity which they glaringly reveal.” ~Paul Brunton


"Our dominant worldview still prefers to believe in the fantasy that we are a living species within a non-living universe, and that we can go about as ‘business as usual’ with a worldly indifference. This is the myth that the solid, material world is ‘out there’ and we are just separate bodies wondering around within it. And so, we put everything at a distance from us, believing that there is us and then there is the external world. This belief system has been responsible for humanity feeling it has the right, or even duty, to conquer and control the world around us.  Yet in doing so we have orphaned ourselves not only from our own surroundings – from our life environments – but also from our own sense of self. We have alienated ourselves and become a discontented species. We have created and cultivated for ourselves a view of the world that is dry and barren – like rusting metal in a wasteland. A world of separate objects may have been reassuring for us, yet in the long term it is not life-affirming. We only have to take a look at the world today to see that things are not going well."


Article Link: Written by Kingsley L Dennis

“Mental and emotional freedom is not the denial of truth — it’s the recognition that truth isn't something we need to run from or be afraid of.”


~ TK Coleman